Having any kind of a pest infestation in your home can be a lot of trouble, but cockroaches are different.


They are longer, faster, nastier, and more harmful than many other common pests that you may see in your home. Even though many people have a cockroach phobia, they do very little to rid their homes of cockroaches.


To help you understand why it is important to contact cockroachcontrol.co and get rid of roaches immediately, check out these four reasons.


Cause Severe Health Problems


If you see cockroach droppings, urine stains, or a live one running around your home, then your house might have a cockroach infestation problem.


These little creatures crawl on unclean surfaces and pick up bacteria and other harmful substances along with them as they go. If they reach any of your foods, and chances are high that they will, then you might ingest those harmful substances.


Not to mention you or any member of your house swallows roach saliva or feces in their food and catch allergies or harmful diseases, such as Salmonella.


They Can Quickly Multiply


If you see one or two roaches, you might think that they might go away by themselves. But in reality, they might just be hiding away from you and quickly multiplying.


If you don’t get rid of them immediately, then they can reproduce and divide within 6 to 10 months. Not only that, but they can also keep laying 16 eggs at a time and fill your house with their offspring.


If they get too much, then they might even start to spread to other areas of your house or go around the neighborhood. You wouldn’t want your neighbors saying they see roaches crawling around your home, now do you?


They Are Very Fast


When you might see a cockroach or two running around the house, then you might try to swat it with a newspaper or something else to make it go away. But mostly, you might see that roaches are too quick and they can easily escape.


Not only that, but they can even start jumping from bins and chutes, usually in large numbers.


Even if you buy a cockroach repellent to make them go away, you will need to catch them first. With all this trouble, why not call cockroach control?


Home Remedies Don’t Usually Do the Trick


You might find a lot of information on websites that give out home remedies. Alternatively, you might ask friends, family, and even neighbors for a few tips that can help you get rid of them. Similarly, popular pest control websites can help you find the best services for your issue. In this regard, Beaverton Pest Control can be a good guide.


But most of these remedies that you may find might not work. Even if they do work to some extent, they might not get rid of the cockroach infestation entirely.


The problem is that most of them ask you to use it wherever you see a cockroach. But if you don’t get rid of their hideout, then it might be impossible to get rid of them completely.


That is why professional cockroach control services might be essential.  When you need pest control services, there is no better option than Drake Lawn & Pest Control.



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