No Medical Exam Life Insurance Revealed

As part of a healthy and justified financial or life plan, life insurance can help yourself and your family to be better prepared for life’s circumstances. Through stresses and struggles, you can draw on your resources to beat despair and upsetting feelings after a loss through a sizable life insurance policy that means less to worry about. But, in the past, you may have applied for life insurnace and been denied, but luckily you will find more options out there if you want to consider your no medical exam life insurance options.

This way you can explore all the ways that you can learn to skip the medical aspect and appointment required by most insurance applications. It’s understandable in many cases why they require such an exam, but if you have health concerns or are applying later in life you may find that the no medical exam life insurance option fits you just fine. These insurance forms exist to give you a chance to enjoy the freedom that comes from the right life insurance policy.

One misconception that many consumers seem to have is that a person must be in perfect health to qualify for non-medical exam life insurance.  That’s simply not true.  Melissa Thompson of Diabetes 365 mentions ” a person with health issues is not automatically disqualified from non-medical exam plans.  For example, a person with a history of diabetes, or other chronic illnesses will stay be accepted by certain life insurance providers.  All insurance companies will have different underwriting guidelines, meaning they view every applicant differently.  Life insurance for diabetics tends to be a little more challenging, but many people with diabetes will be approved on a no exam basis.”

Nevertheless, before beginning with all the varieties and different choices you can consider for your policy, you should know how these things work and what to expect from the no exam life insurance policy option. You’ll quickly see that while there is no exam required to receive an insurance policy approval, you will be expected to answer truthfully and honestly to health-related questionnaires designed to reveal lifestyle choices and minimize the risk that your policy presents. You should be prepared to answer these questions for yourself in the process of getting a quote or finally applying for an official policy.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Options to Choose

Consider these possible life insurance options that open up to you when you explore the choices you have outside of traditional life insurance industries. These policies can certainly satisfy any of your life insurance needs while allowing you to skip the exam. They are the simplified choice, the guaranteed choice, and the group choice. Now, each one offers slightly different terms and conditions that you will need to anticipate before you start shopping for your policy more deeply.

Simplified Option

For those who want to select only the most basic and simple of policy options, they can find a suitable choice with the simplified issue policy. With it, you can secure coverage of up to $500,000 for your beneficiaries at the activation of your policy. It can interest many people to know that this policy doesn’t even require an exam for that amount, and for a quick policy, it’s an impressive option from the right insurer.

Guaranteed Option

The guaranteed issue option for people offers a way to secure insurance after many different, possible denials by other insurance companies. With traditional offerings, there is the real possibility that you will be denied on the basis of your medical exam, making it difficult to get insurance. But, the guaranteed issue is suited to these difficulties and offers insurance without ever seeing a medical record.

Group Option

Finally, you will be lucky to explore the third and last life insurance option without medical exams. It’s a benefit that only some people will find in their arsenal because it is a perk given by an employer and often paid for exclusively by them. It’s a life insurance policy that can work for people who want something totally free! You won’t need to answer a single question in order to be eligible for this kind of insurance, nor will you need to take a medical exam. And, the premium is taken care of by your employer. Just sit back and relax.

Get No Exam Life Insurance Options with Sproutt

Here there are three of the most essential forms of life insurance without medical exams. Insurers like Sproutt can offer these options to customers who are interested in the most competitive and sensible rates on the best premiums that can be offered considering the higher risk of non-medical policies. From them you can choose all kinds of policies that match your circumstances.

See what all your different options are for you to choose from with Sproutt. You can discover policy rates and payouts that fit your needs by talking with them about what you hope to get out of a life insurance policy without medical exams. Start the process of securing and getting your life insurance today. Contact Sproutt for all your options and to get a quote today.

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