Peptides are chains of amino acids that can be better absorbed by the body than proteins, which are far longer amino acid chains. They are used for a variety of reasons as dietary supplements and tanning agents as we will discuss in this article.


One of the commonest reasons people use peptides is for tanning. Melanotan was discovered by skin cancer scientists who postulated that encouraging a tan could prevent skin damage and ultimately skin cancer.

Used properly, Melanotan can encourage a healthy tan and for those who worry about how they look, can help provide a year round tan. It hasn’t been approved by authorities like the FDA for self-administration but nor have most dietary supplements we take such as vitamins.

Unlike the next two peptides, this is commonly injected into the skin. This is where knowing that your peptides come from a reputable source is important!

Erectile dysfunction

One of the most popular peptides taken is Sildefinil, popularly known as Viagra. Orally ingested, this has helped men satisfy their partners for many years!

Interestingly, one of the side effects of Melanotan above is that it produces very strong erections in men and among women increases their sexual desire markedly. Not only do you feel like a sex machine when you look good, your body can be put in full blown sex machine mode!

Creatine too?

Yes, taken by sportsmen and women worldwide, creatine is a peptide that even has approval by sports world anti-doping authorities. It helps the body create muscle mass, and may well be one of the most commonly used peptides of all.

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Creatine is easily absorbed by the body (thanks to the size of the amino acid chains) and is used to rebuild muscles after exercise.

The Importance of Sourcing Peptides from Reputable Sources

Not being licensed or controlled by authorities, the difficulty of peptides is that you might not know what you’re getting. With injectable peptides like Melantotan this is particularly the case as you’re putting a chemical direct into your bloodstream without the body’s natural barriers like the digestive tract stopping dangerous substances from getting into your bloodstream.

Here in the US, that means you should get USA peptides if possible from a reputable business.  In sourcing Peptides USA you can at least take steps toward getting the supplements from a source that is governed in part by Federal and state laws for things like sterile environments and quality of product.

If not sourced from a USA peptides maker, you could run into difficulties with things like purity, sterility and quality. There is no guarantee that adulterants put into the substance to bulk it out could be benign for example…

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