WalkingPad is compact in size and can be kept at home or in the office. Now, you will have the opportunity to do sports at any convenient time.


What if you want to take a walk after a tight dinner or watch TV without lying on the couch? On the treadmill, you will be able to easily perform all possible cardio exercises because they help to improve health, especially hearts and the blood, and help to lose weight faster. Walkingpad A1 is produced by KingSmith. It has a convenient folding design. In addition, with the help of 2 wheels below, it can be easily moved to/from a limited space under a table, sofa, bed, etc.


The WalkingPad has two operating modes: M Mode (Manual) is controlled by remote control for turn on / off, start/stop, speed up/ deceleration. A Mode (Automatic) is controlled by the user’s movements at start/stop, speed up/ slow down.


Thanks to a High-precision Pressure Sensor, you will be able to control the walkingpad in high, medium or slow speed, through the foot button. With a special speed control sensor, you can choose an acceleration speed, constant speed or slow down. A Mode is for advanced runners or those who have used walking treadmills before. Users are care-free with A mode turned on.


Walkingpad is a silent sports track with a wear-resistant anti-slip coating and a multi-layer noise-free structure. You will be able to walk or run comfortably while being at home or in the office and not to prevent the work, entertainment or relaxation of your family and friends.


A Child Protection System has been built in the treadmill, protection against overload, automatic waiting mode, as well as speed limit function for beginners. You can be sure of the safety of walkingpad. The track connects with other applications, and on the LED Panel, you can see the data about your every step and keep your own statistics.


It’s a great alternative choice for home workout. Also WalkingPad helps you end the sedentary lifestyle in the office. Learn more at the official walkingpad store.

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