Health is defined as metabolic efficiency and overall proper functioning of the organ. Due to hectic lifestyle, it is difficult to maintain or follow a proper routine to follow on daily basis. However, in the era of 4G keeping a track of health and maintaining is easy with facilities such as online doctor consultation, medicine on the door, calculation of calories required by the body, book doctor online, etc.

Some alterations in daily lifestyle, managing the diet like the nutrition influencers that you follow on social media, being in health-conscious social circle , hitting a gym on regular basis are some of the changes that a person can adapt easily.

Read below to know the benefits and other tips to follow in daily life:

  1. Download a health app: In the 21st century, there is hardly anything that can’t be reached with a button click. We can reach a 1000 miles away sitting relative of ours, transfer money within a second without any glitch, or book a ticket. In the same way, we can discuss our health issues with doctor, nutritionist, and dietitian.

There are several apps available which help us to keep a record of calories we have burnt in a day and how much more we need to lose to reach exact Body Mass Index (BMI). Also if you are on medication, the apps can help to remind the schedule for intake of medicine.

This way we need not weigh our weight daily and maintain our health easily. With apps, we can discuss any ongoing symptoms or sudden changes in the body which is very much evident.

  1. Stay Hydrated: Our body is composed of 60% of water and we lose water from our body while we sweat, breathe, nutrition transportation, digestion of food creation of saliva and in maintaining the proper body temperature. Drinking lots and lots of water is the only source to maintain all this process.

Apart from that water also helps in calories control, hence water containing food should be included in the diet such as watermelon, oatmeal, soups, etc. Staying hydrated help “lock” moisture into the skin.

To stay hydrated all the time, consume a beverage along with every meal and snack that you consume. Food with higher liquid content should be included in the diet. If you are calorie conscious, then make sure that you are consuming beverages which don’t contain calories.

  1. Meditate: Meditation is considered to be the best health-centric practice which brings an individual in touch with the inner self. Meditation helps one attaining inner peace which is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain.

It is easy to practice even and does not require much time. Meditation is a simple process where an individual has to breathe and listen to the body.

  1. Physical movement: At least 150 minutes of moderate activity is required for proper blood flow throughout the body. This is necessary for the proper functioning of the body and mind without experiencing any stress.

Of course gym is an option but if an individual can’t be regular at it, one can go for alternatives such as cleaning activity, or follow online weight loss moves from trained professionals. Jogging, walking short distances and ditching lifts and accelerators for stairs is always a good idea.

  1. Plan a diet: When people hear the term diet, all they think is starving. But, dieting is actually about intake of a small amount of healthy diet with the intention to lose weight.

To maintain a healthy physical state, an individual should consume the right proportion of carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins and fats. All these components are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Sometimes, an excess of any of the above-mentioned components can also cause health concerns. To avoid any such problems, ask a dietitian to plan meal according to the physical activity performed on regular basis.

These components can easily be managed by consuming leafy greens, meat, nuts, berries, high-fat dairy, edible oils, above ground vegetables, etc.

  1. Proper sleep: Minimum 8 hours of sleep in necessary for proper functioning of the body. And this is the time when the body restores the damaged tissues, enhances muscle growth and synthesizes proteins in the body.

Hence, proper sleep should be one of the primary steps for a healthy lifestyle. Completing 7-8 hours of sleep helps is required metabolism, concentration, and proper daily routine.

  1. Social Circle: While we choose our social circle we should be careful about the fact that social circle is a factor which has a far-reaching impact on our health and life as a whole. We tend to indulge in habits that people in our social circle practices be it regular gym session, certain food habits, or ill habits such as gambling and smoking.

The social circle may include your colleagues, friends, or business associates. Adopting positive habits should be the basic nature that should be followed while being in a group of individuals instead of being drawn towards unhealthy and negatively impacting activities.

Staying healthy is not a destination but a regular practice. Including the above tips in daily life can help make the journey smooth and easy. However, following the above tips can’t make changes instantly and one has to deal with patience.

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