Ever feel like you are trying really hard but not getting results?

Whether you push yourself in the gym or examination centers, missing out on key things does not lead you toward your goals.

Well, in the world of fitness and nutrition supplements, we hear a lot about fitness and losing weight. Tips are there but myths as well.

Scanning your tips is a prior concern to ensure better training and diet. When your main concern is to go bulky, that does not mean you are only gaining fat but also burning it with balance.

Getting bulk up thus considers lean muscle structure while ensuring fats in the body. However, there are two types of bulk-up processes you can consider.

  • Clean or lean bulking.
  • Dirty bulking.

Clean bulking is a process of sustained calorie surplus where you eat more calories than you burn. This process leads to weight gain in your muscles.

In contrast, dirty bulking is related to off-limits food and diet. In this process, you are engaged in gaining fat in any way possible without any associated fat gain.

Whether clean bulking promotes a controlled calorie surplus, dirty bulking relates to more types and amounts of food.

The Science Behind Bulk Up To Build Muscle

The process of bulking does not only depend on weightlifting but also on dieting. A proper diet is a must whenever you want to go bulky.

If you think that you can promote a bulky figure with resistance training, then you have the wrong conception. Resistance training or hard work will not help you gain muscles without an engaging and efficient fat-gaining diet. Instead, it can disturb your muscle particles to lose mass.

While lifting weights, your muscle mass is getting disturbed and putting strains on the myofibers existing inside. Weight training provides reactions to the muscles of the human body to engage in the development process.

The whole process is known as exercise-induced hypertrophy.

However, the idea of weight training is not enough; you also need to consider diet as the other component of the muscle-gaining process. Becoming bulky without a diet is a myth, and thus we are here to provide you with some prominent diet plans.

Nutrition Options To Help Gain Muscle While Bulking Up

To build muscles, you need a well-maintained dieting process. Whether you want to continue with it or just find a quick session, planning your diet after knowing the particular nutrients needed is essential.

Here we will focus on some nutritional information that you may need to go through while planning ahead with a bulky figure. Bulking transformation is now easier with diet if you know the benefits.


Keeping yourself hydrated while bulking is necessary. 6-8 glasses of water daily may help you be hydrated all day. However, hydration does not just come with water; you can also add fruit juice twice a week to follow and limit your diet routine.

Fruit juices contain sugar which is good post-workout, but you need to consume it within the limit.

Apart from that, increasing your caloric intake may lead to additional protein consumption, such as milk and protein shakes, before going to bed.


Protein is a particular nutrient responsible for helping lean muscle development. Bulk up transformation process depends on protein, where you may consider 2g per kg of body weight.


If you are not in a strict carbohydrate cut, then you can enjoy the efficiencies of carbs to build mass. People who are on a bulk diet can simply enjoy carbs and, in fact, plenty of carbs.

There is no limit to consuming carbs if you are following a strict routine of strength training. The more you train yourself, the more likely you can build muscles.

Well, it’s better to stick to whole grains as these are more effective than refined carbs to contain sugar and are easily stored in the body as fat.

Post-workout carbohydrates in the body may help you maintain better protein synthesis.


Well, post-workout carbs can spike insulin levels in your body to manage the breakdown of muscle by engaging in better protein synthesis.


It’s time to debunk the fat myths!

People think that fat is bad for health, but our body needs fat. Fat contains energy and should be in your diet. Especially when going for a bulky diet, unsaturated fat consumption may work best to reach your goals early.

It is a no-brainer to decide that you need to remove saturated or trans fat from your diet routine.

Meal Frequency

Considering the meal is not enough, you also need to focus on your particular meal timing. If you think eating heavily will help you go bulky, then changing your eating habits is better.

Not only the quantity of food but the frequency also matters. Eat a lot! Eat many 7-8 times a day!

A Proper Diet Plan To Bulk Up

After going through the nutrition options available for your bulky diet, it’s time to consider a diet plan for getting into your goals quickly.

Well, don’t worry! We have got you covered this time.

Let’s follow a routine for a day.


Egg omelet with spinach (6 pieces).


Protein shake (600 kcal).

Post-workout snack:

Brown rice, chicken breast, salsa, and peppers. (it may contain 720 kcal approx).


Quinoa and two sweet potatoes, tuna steak dipped with olive oil. (approx. 800 kcal).

From the above-mentioned diet routine, it’s clear that the more you intake calories, the better it is for you to shape in a bulky way. Besides daily intensive training, consider the diet routine and maintain the need for protein, fat, and calories to ensure a bulk up diet and get the figure that you deserve.

Gaining weight and lean muscle simultaneously is not going to be easy without discipline and diet. If you are still in a dilemma, you can visit website for more details and ensure a proper training program with a customized nutritional diet to go bulky.

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