Coronavirus. Lockdown. Christmas cancelled. Lockdown again. We have been through it all in the  past year. As the easing of lockdown beckons, and restrictions begin to lift; we cannot help but to  take stock on what we have experienced in the past year. Collectively, the NHS reported an increase  in people reaching out to talk about their mental health problems, and the pandemic has played a  huge part in this. With a brighter future in sight and vaccines created its time to start looking after  ourselves. As our social calendars begin to fill; knowing when to take some R & R is just as important  as returning to normal.

So, what type of rest and relaxation are you after? We have scoured the net for suggestions to suit  all tastes and interests.

If you are after a bit of mental relaxation, why not try your hand at some new guided meditation  sessions? Additionally, exercise such as Yoga and Pilates can be super intense yet peaceful, bringing  together mental and physical strength. This ancient practice of stretching and breathing brings relief  to many anxious, stressed minds across the globe. Check the net for local yoga studios in your area,  many offers midweek and weekend classes to suit every lifestyle.

Alternatively, if exercise is what drives you and you love to be pushed to your limits, why not check  out the competitive running circuit. Start small at your local 5k Park Run, free organised runs every  Saturday in neighbourhood parks. Additionally, you could also research your local running group,  who I can guarantee to be a friendly bunch. Once you have mastered pace and distance, check out  some of the bigger runs that take place up and down the UK. A favourite of ours is up the Toon in  Newcastle, the Great North Run half marathon. To make it even more of a challenge, why not sign  up to fundraise for a charity? Do not forget to look after your physical wellbeing, as this has a big  impact on how you are feeling emotionally and mentally. If that does not sound like a bit of you,  your local park is a good place to start strolling. Take it little by little, pop out during your lunch  break to get the heart pumping and the feel-good endorphins will begin to flow.

This pandemic has also taken a toll on us mentally. Some people have struggled with the lack of  control we have had over our lives, and sometimes it is hard to manage difficult feelings without the  help of your friends face to face. The internet, as ever, has come up with the perfect solution.  Independent start-up company Box Sized Hugs has crafted several customisable hug in a box sets;  an ideal gift to send through the mail for a friend or loved one. You can let someone know you are  thinking of them without even leaving the house. Simply put an order in and Box Sized Hugs can do  the rest, including popping a personalised, thoughtful note into every box. Our favourite boxes  include several great products, including but not limited to: face and eye masks, notebooks, socks,  and our personal favourite – chocolate!

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