The WalkMe competitors are many but ultimately choosing the WalkMe alternative will always come down to the comparison of different kinds of features so that the best possible value for money can be found and the best fit for the business can be easily ensured. To further ensure that decisions are very easily made it is very much important to compare different kinds of options and then make prudent decisions for the organisations. The comprehensive comparison of Whatfix with its main competitor WalkMe has been explained as follows:

  • WalkMe always helps in creating a guided walk through so that user adoption can be easily increased and on the other hand the Whatfix comes with a guided walk through along with an automatic generation of the slideshow and video so that content formats are very easily available without any kind of issue.
  • The WalkMe is very much successful in terms of load knowledge base articles and walk-through into a self-help menu so that accessibility of the materials can be given a great boost. On the other hand, the Whatfix also comes with a self-help menu with educational materials in a much-contextualised form so that users are automatically helpful throughout the process and can access the most relevant resources for their role as well as location into the application.
  • WalkMe helps in providing the people with the right kind of analytics throughout the process so that setup, separation and customisation have been perfectly carried out. On the other hand, the analytics included in the Whatfix present on the platform are very much accessible from the easy to navigate dashboard so that there is no issue throughout the process. WalkMe is very much successful in terms of integrating with the LMS and the Whatfix is also successful to be integrated with the LMS and helps in providing the SCORM compliant packages to the load walk-through so that interactive courses are created.
  • WalkMe is successful in terms of integrating directly with the major platforms for example Salesforce as well as Workday. But the Whatfix is also very much successful in terms of integrating with the major platforms like in the case of WalkMe and the walk-through also have to see a live button that will help in taking the users directly to the platform so that they can guide them into the real-time and can complete the task without any kind of hassle throughout the process.
  • WalkMe also comes with automated data entry that will help in cutting down the time spent on the administrative tasks and in the cases of Whatfix the automated data entry will help in fulfilling the overall purposes very easily by providing them with proper insights about the whole process.

Following are some of the most important reasons why Whatfix is the best possible WalkMe alternative:

  1. Whatfix helps in standing out from the whole crowd because of the expensive feature options and the ease of usage provided by it whenever it will be compared to any of the options.
  2. Whatfix also helps in providing the people with different kinds of advantages in the long run and further helps in making sure that everything is very simple to use with a few features which makes it very much customisable as well as affordable.
  3. It helps in providing the contextualised guidance along with self-help features so that documentation can be ensured and there is proper help throughout the process.
  4. It also comes with SCORM compliance which will ensure seamless integration and will make sure that walk-through will be easily present with the interactive courses.
  5. There will be no code creation which makes it very easy for the team to create high-quality training content without any kind of trial of the developers and engineers.
  6. It also comes with built-in analytics that will allow people to easily track the user progress and monitor the search queries so that they can add on the walk-through and self-help materials as and whenever required.

Hence, the broad and comprehensive comparison of the most important competitor of Whatfix which is WalkMe has been explained above.

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