For years, people have always considered exercise as one key to a healthy lifestyle. Gym visits, yoga and pilates sessions, circuit trainings—all of these have risen in popularity over the years as people looked to them to burn fats and calories and keep weight under control. However, alongside this is the reality that many people today live a sedentary lifestyle at work and at home, sitting in front of their computer for over 10 hours a day and doing the same at home watching TV, playing computer games, or browsing the internet. 

The Rise of the Standing Desk 

Considering the two realities above, one surprising fact came up after studies and research—exercise cannot combat the dangerous side effects of 10 hours of sitting to the body. If you spend this much time sitting every day, whether from work or from home activities, you are still damaging your body and no exercise can reverse the damage.

So, what can? The answer is natural movement. This means creating pockets of time where you move naturally—walk, run, do chores. But, you ask, how can we do that in the office when our work entails being in front of the computer from 8 to 5? Well, this is the reason the standing desk came into popularity.

A standing desk is a step up from your regular fixed desk. Its main distinguishing feature is its adjustability, which will allow you to set it at a sitting height or a standing height, and all with a single press of a button.

How to Use a Standing Desk

Most standing desks are electric in nature, powered by a single, dual, or triple motors that enable it to move from one height to another when you press a button in the memory keypad it is equipped with. The keypad is designed such that you can save a preset height in it so that the next time you are moving from a sitting to a standing height, all you have to do is press the button to go to your saved height.

An electric standing desk allows natural movement in the workplace by enabling you to easily move from sitting to standing height, and back, all throughout the day. This means that you are constantly moving naturally without disrupting the work that you are doing. 

The Benefits You Can Expect from a Standing Desk

When you start alternating between sitting and standing in the workplace, here are some immediate benefits you can expect:

No more back pain

If you’ve been suffering from back pain because of prolonged sitting, the standing desk can help reduce or eliminate the pain. When you constantly shift from sitting to standing while at work, you are constantly engaging your back muscles so they are not locked up in one position. Plus, you are also constantly correcting your posture, avoiding sitting positions that harm your muscles and spine.

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More energy and alertness

Although you might think that standing more will deplete your energy, the opposite will actually happen. Constant movement throughout the day will allow a healthy level of circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body, which means that your brain will stay alert and you can combat the sluggishness and lethargy that some people experience in their day-to-day job.

More productive days

A healthy circulation and constant movement also benefit the brain, keeping it healthy and functioning well. If you’ve heard of standing meetings and creative breaks, these are associated with the fact that the brain can function better when you get away from routine. Even a simple break from prolonged standing, a quick walk and stretch, can refresh the brain and improve your focus and productivity.

Choosing the Right Standing Desk

To enjoy all the benefits mentioned, it’s important to find a desk with the right features—the right height range, sufficient weight carrying capacity, and enough surface area to give you the space you need. The MotionGrey Standing Desk is designed with all these in mind, and more. Equipped with a high-quality Bosch motor, it’s also designed to move fast with whisper-quiet sound, making sure that your work won’t get disrupted as it operates. Made from high-grade steel, it’s also engineered for durability, a perfect match for demanding work environments. 

Check if this electric standing desk is a good match for you, and make the switch today.

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