Having clear and bright skin is great. It shows that your skin is healthy. It makes you look pleasant, and it helps boost your confidence. Having evenly toned and gorgeous skin is not difficult to achieve especially if you consider these skin whitening tips.

Lemon juice

Apart from helping improve your digestion and cleaning your teeth, it can also assist in skin whitening. It contains properties that help in mildly bleaching the skin to remove the top layer. You can use the lemon juice directly on your skin. Since it could be too strong, you can add water to the juice before dabbing it all over the face. After fifteen minutes, you can wash your face with warm water. Apply lemon juice not more than three times a week as excessive use could remove the moisture in your skin.


To remove sunburn, you can use a tomato pack and apply it directly to your skin. It helps in lightening the skin and removing dead cells from the face. To create the pack, you need to mix tomatoes with lemon juice and gram flour. Blend the ingredients first to make a paste before applying to your skin. You can do it before you shower so that it is easy for you to rinse it off.


Milk is a gentle whitener, and it feels soft on your skin. Apart from its whitening properties, it is also a moisturizer. It helps balance your skin tone too. To see better effects, you can use lemon juice. Add a cupful of milk to your bath before squeezing in a lemon. You can soak in this mix for about twenty minutes before rinsing.


Removing dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin helps in skin whitening. You can use exfoliating scrubs that are commercially available as long as they do not contain ingredients you may be allergic to or could cause irritation. You can also prepare a natural exfoliator using salt, almonds or oatmeal. Use the exfoliator directly on your skin by following a circular motion before you rinse it off.


Keeping your skin moisturized prevents the buildup of dead skin cells. You can choose a natural skin moisturizer like coconut oil or opt for commercial moisturizers. Again, you need to consult with your dermatologist before using any product that could damage your skin.

Vitamin C serum

This serum has anti-aging and anti-acne properties. If you want to look young and feel confident in your skin, you can use it. The serum also contains whitening properties to help even out your skin tone. You only need a small drop per application to see the changes gradually. Given all the benefits of vitamin c serum, you need to consider buying some now.

These strategies can help you finally achieve that glow you desire your skin to have. You need to be consistent in applying these whitening products and natural remedies if you want to see changes in your skin tone.

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