Sex… Lots of people do it, but few are willing to talk freely and honestly, especially when it involves discussing one’s shortcomings. Men and women will brag or rehash a positive experience to their friends but will fold under pressure when it’s time to discuss issues. Take sexual confidence, for instance. No one readily opens up about those times when their minds got the best of them and ruined an otherwise positive experience. 

Although multiple factors play a role in a healthy sex life, low self-esteem takes the cake. Whenever an individual lacks sexual confidence, it shows up in their body language and holds them back from indulging in all the benefits of being intimate with another person. If these insecurities and underlying issues aren’t addressed, it not only alters the experience but can ruin otherwise healthy relationships. 

If you’ve always struggled with your confidence in the bedroom, these tips can help you turn things around. 

Maintain Sexual Health

It’s hard to enjoy or feel confident about sex if you’re dealing with sexual health problems. Whether it’s a foul odor, itchiness, bumps, pain during intercourse, or incontinence, these conditions lower your self-esteem. They also create an unpleasant encounter that can alter your feelings about intercourse altogether. 

One of the best ways to maintain positive sexual health is to visit a gynecologist (for women) or urologist (for men). Getting regular screenings and tests can help prevent or treat common and life-threatening infections and diseases. Finally, ensure that you wear the proper underwear, use protection, and maintain good hygiene. When everything is in working order and clean, you’re bound to feel more confident in the bedroom.

Kick Bad Habits

Alcohol and recreational drugs may seem like effective solutions to boost your sexual confidence, but it’s quite the opposite. Consuming too many of these substances can harm your mood and performance in the bedroom. It can also lead to sexual health problems from cervical cancer to incontinence, making it more challenging to have a good time. So, if you rely on alcohol or drugs to get you in the mood, it’s time to find healthy alternatives. 

Get Past Negative Experiences

Past sexual traumas or negative experiences can lower your confidence in the bedroom. When unfavorable events occur, it changes how you feel about intercourse and arises in every relationship you have in the future. Whether you’re the victim of sexual violence or have simply had your fair share of horrible partners, it’s time to get past it. You can use affirmations, keep a journal, talk to someone you trust, or find a therapist to help you cope with traumatic experiences. Once you eliminate the negativity from your mind, you’ll find it easier to feel confident with your partner. 

Stop Comparing Yourself

One of the quickest ways to burst your bubble in the bedroom is to compare yourself to others. You try to be like the people you see on television or similar to the stories described by other people. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few pointers to improve your sex life; trying to be something you’re not does more harm than good. 

It’s important to realize that being sexy and having a positive sexual experience differs for every couple. Analyze yourself, the things about you that you like, and even ask your partner to express what they enjoy when they’re with you. Use these good thoughts to enhance your mood and performance. It won’t be long before you discover that focusing on these positives instead of trying to be what society says is right will help boost your self-esteem. 

When it comes to having a wonderful sex life, confidence is everything. If you have insecurities that cause you to choke in the bedroom, it’s time for a change. By using suggestions like those listed above, you can improve your physical and emotional sexual health for experiences that make you feel good inside and out. 

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