Sex in the shower can be fun and steamy, and by going about it right can be a good way to connect with your partner. Some parents find it the best place to have their fun with the shower a blast of noise to cover up their fun, but in many cases it can be good for ‘right now sex’ as the heat builds between you.

An article on having great shower sex can be found on the Erosscia website with tips on how to have a great time during shower sex.  

Whatever your motivation is, you need to be aware that shower sex isn’t the safest way to enjoy one another, and in being aware of those dangers you can take measures to prevent any unfortunate accidents!

Part I: Why Shower Sex Isn’t Always Safe

Unlike a nice soft mattress or wide open kitchen floor (!), there are a lot of issues to be aware of in getting it on in the shower. In this section we will have a look at the main points.


As you should before any intimate encounter, have an honest conversation about your recent activity with others and any tests you have had between them and you. 

Condoms don’t always work in showers, you need to make sure the brand you choose is compatible with water! If not, they can break easily, or expand in the heat and come off more easily. That means two levels of protection should be considered including an IUD or contraceptive pills to stay safe from pregnancy.

If for some of us this might be obvious, do be aware that sexually transmitted infections don’t ‘wash off’ in the water, and viruses such as HIV will still travel between you even in the running water.

Final condom tips, a condom can be hard to put with wet hands, make sure you have a towel next to you to dry your hands before you put the condom on. 


The slippery smoothness between you can be a lot of the erotic fun in the shower, but be careful that the soaps, shower gels and oils only stay on your outer skin. Do not use detergent gels or soaps as internal lubrication as this can cause both of you damage – internally in the vagina or anus, as well as on the head of the penis.

Where it comes to her natural lubrication, this is soluble in water and no matter how excited she is, she may need help from an artificial lube. Though water-based lubricants can be use, you can use silicone based lubricants too, that don’t wash off so easily. Have some close to hand in case things get a little dry too.

Need we say, be careful not to get the lube under your feet? As things get spicy and energetic then the last thing you want is for either of you to slip and fall!

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Install Handles or a Step

If the act is planned or a hoped for regular escapade, then we suggest you consider adding a sucker-handle or two in places you want to hold on. Make sure you test its hold before you go into action as the last thing you want to do is put all your weight on it in the heat of the moment and it to give way! A little thought can go a long way, especially if you are to enjoy what can be an unusual and awkward experience in the first attempt or two.

Remember Where You Are

Until shower sex you no doubt take for granted the wide open space of the large bed or floor you’re throwing each other about on. In the shower, things are a lot more confined. Be careful not to bang your head or strain muscles as you work on each other in such a confined space. If we tend to turn the hit up, maybe consider opening the bathroom door slightly not to feel too overwhelmed, which can happen quickly if you have a small shower cabine. 

Water and Infections

Water can cause women yeast infection in some cases, but fortunately, the amount of water entering inside is extremely small, as it’s usually just a few drops, and it won’t cause any yeast infection. However, we recommend you to dry yourself as soon as you are done showering. Humidity is never good for bacteria and infections. 

Part II: How to enjoy shower sex?

We’ve established where the big risks are, from protection to internal injuries from the wrong sort of slippery stuff. Now for a little advice as to how to enjoy shower sex the most in a safe and mutually enjoyable way, as shower sex can be awesome and elevate your relationship!
Make it Slow and Sensual

Your first time doing it in the shower may be ‘right now sex’ and that can be needy and demanding for the pair of you. As ever, it might not be the beautiful, satisfying experience you wanted.

In going for it in a slow, smooth and easy way you’re talking and trying things gently. You can still laugh and have fun but you won’t necessarily put yourselves at risk. Moreover, turn some mellow romantic music on, and let the hit and the rhythm guide your movement. 

Waterproof Sex Toys are Always a Good Idea!

Shower sex is definitely a great opportunity to get creative! 

Spice it up with a sex toy, such as the famous Allore waterproof vibrator that is ideal for foreplay! Moreover, you can be sure this sex toy will always be at the ready and no one would find out it’s your sex toy, as it uses your electric toothbrush as a base! 

Of course, make sure everybody is okay with the use of a vibrator!

A Good and a Bad Position

The standing doggy with her leaning forward and him going in behind can be intense and steamy. It is also quite safe, as long as you make sure you’re in a non- slippery floor. If you can have handles for her to hold on to, this will add to the fun. A rubber bath mat for you both to stand on will give you the purchase to lean into one another with, without the risk of one or both of you slipping as things get intense. 

Though the position is popular in the movies, the upstanding citizen position with him holding her entire bodyweight and her legs wrapped around his back can be difficult and requires some strong balance, and cooperation. 

Firstly he will have to hold her up and help her with the motion and this can be quite an art, though a couple of handles above head level can help with this so she can share the weight. The other issue is at the magic moment when he releases into her, his knees can go weak and if all the weight is on them this can lead to a bit of an anticlimactic fall for you both!

The easiest positions, if you have a bathtub or a shower chair, are the cowgirl and the chairman. The cow girl is when the girl is on top and the guy is laying on the floor, ideally on a bath mat or a towel. The Chairman is when the man is seated on a chair or on the bath tube edge, and the woman is on her partner lap, facing each other. 

The Takeaway

Here we have covered the majority of risks to be had when it comes to shower sex. If a little thought is put in, from a rubber bath mat for you to grip while leaning into one another, to having handles to hold while enjoying the fun it can be a great way to enjoy each other. A little preparation can help you enjoy that big moment in a way that may make this a regular event for you both!

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