These days, there’s nothing weird about owning a sex doll. Over the last decade, they’ve grown in popularity, and the tech has gotten more sophisticated and innovative. What was once a big taboo is now a more openly accepted fetish and sexual desire. Plus, since each shipment is discrete, it becomes easier to live out your fantasies from the privacy and comfort of your own home.


With custom options available for many love dolls, including a cheap sexdoll, there are some amazing ways to get the most out of your sex doll experience if you decide to take the plunge. Generally speaking, there are a few basic types of sex dolls (in all genders). They also come with many racial and specific features according to the regions they are made in. there are young adults, middle-aged women/men, and customized “partner” dolls like Doll Wives or husbands.


Know Your Options


For love dolls, unless you’re an expert in the subject, you may be a little overwhelmed with all the options. Commonly, love doll descriptions seem a little confusing or jumbled, with phrases like “lbsdoll weight,” “head includedfull bust, “4ft85 big breastnet,” and “head includedbody.” Don’t worry. These are often just shorthand from the manufacturer to describe how a new sex doll should be assembled and constructed.


What you should focus on are the custom options available. The custom options for your sex doll can include waist size, modifiers like “big tits,” and hair color. If you want a redhead sex doll, narrow your search to red hair. Always review the custom options you’ve selected. After all, there’s a big difference between a 60cm waist, 86cm waist, 83cm waist, and a 155cm waist or a 27kg doll and a 37kg sex doll. Since this could be a big purchase on your credit card, you want to make sure you get the right order.


Also, once you’ve ordered, don’t call the FedEx store every single day to check if your love doll came in. Production time will often vary for a new sex doll based on your custom options and specifications. Feel free to check in with the sex doll manufacturer on occasion, but don’t rush them. You want the highest quality product possible and that can’t happen if a manufacturer is cutting corners.


Amp Things Up


So, you’ve purchased a redhead sex doll and can’t wait to get hot and heavy. However, you’re starting to feel a bit self-conscious. Maybe you have issues with the blood flow to your extremities. Perhaps, premature ejaculation tends to ruin your mood. No matter the issue, there are plenty of products that can help you feel invigorated, virile, and ready for action. One of the most popular is known as VigRX Plus.


VigRX Plus is formulated with natural ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba that can help increase blood flow to the penis and even help you last longer, preventing premature ejaculation altogether. Natural ingredients are critical for products like VigRX Plus because they can help prevent any unfortunate side-effects that could dampen your fun.




Your sex doll is an example of value investing as well as ongoing investing. While there is an upfront cost for a love doll, you’ll likely continue to invest money in your purchase. This is where outfits, accessories, and other add-ons can come in handy. For instance, you could do some light roleplaying by ordering a French maid outfit for your sex doll. Or, you could pick out some sexy lingerie to spice things up. The options are almost endless when it comes to your love doll so don’t skimp on the accessories. They could keep you from getting bored by your purchase and help keep the excitement alive.


Sex dolls are a great investment no matter who you are. They are growing in popularity and there are hundreds of custom options available between choosing waist sizes and optimizing bust sizes. It’s a great way to experiment a little, and let loose. You’ll be glad you gave a sex doll a try.



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