Pornhub has deleted over 11 million videos from their website and essentially turning their website into verified users and an amateurs’ place to sell porn videos. The days of free porn are over.  Sure, you can still watch a few minutes of a video but you are not going to see the whole thing for free anyway.  This has implications not only for Pornhub but for the rest of the adult industry. As a webmaster who works in the adult industry, I feel that this is a positive for the industry.

After an article in the New York Times called Pornhub out saying they had child porn, rape, etc. on their website, Visa and Mastercard pulled using their cards on the site. Shortly after Pornhub pulled the trigger and deleted any videos that were not uploaded by verified users. Most of the free porn we see on the web today comes from Pornhub. People will upload to PH then someone else will download it and upload it to another site like Xhamster for example. Also when you search for free porn if you don’t arrive at Pornhub you will arrive at a site that has likely embedded their videos. Likely if you have been looking for Milfs today you have had a tougher time finding them thanks to this move.

As far as the adult industry most of us think this move is a plus for Pornhub, porn, and the adult industry. We feel that the people who make these videos need to be paid. We also feel that if someone is underage or someone posted a revenge porn video of someone, they shouldn’t be able to hide behind a keyboard. A lot of us in our early days weren’t angels about how we used porn to gain users but as we grew we saw how wrong that was and abandon the practice and now the majority of us pay our models to do videos and promotions.

We feel that shortly other big porn tubes will follow like Xvideos, Xhamster, etc.  We think that this will be a big plus to the industry and you will see a huge growth spurt in the adult industry because of it. Most people don’t want to work for free even if it is sex. When you pay people for porn you get better quality, and you get lots of new material because the industry is making money to pay people to make what you are into.

Now if you are still worried about free porn don’t worry you can watch all the webcam porn you can handle at websites like Chaturbate. All their models are age verified and as always it’s free to watch here so you can watch it as it happens.

I hope this does not lead to where everyone is against porn. Porn is just like music in a way because it is a form of expression and when you are feeling lonely it’s a good way to feel better. It’s also a way to get needs meet that sometimes you can’t get met at home and you don’t want to go out and get an STD for example. Porn can also be just as fun with mature women as the younger ones. Just use it legally and if you are going to upload it make sure you are the rightful owner and it’s consensual so we all can enjoy.

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