Face masks have come a long way from the standard paper variety and have now become a fashion statement themselves. After all, your face is the first thing people see, and there’s a lot of real estate that gets covered up with a mask. It’s still important to look your best, and your face mask is a huge part of it! From intricately designed seed pearls to tie-dye, there are plenty of ways to be fashion-forward while still protecting yourself and others with a face mask.


The ultimate in casual style, tie-dye masks are now being seen in high-end brands as well as giving home DIYers some delightful fun. Tie-dye masks are so easy to wear with anything from jeans to slacks, and jumpsuits to casual dresses for some daytime fun. Add a pair of big hoop earrings and bring out your inner hippie!

Romantic Florals

When it comes to masks with gorgeous floral designs, you can find a lovely, soft bloomer for any occasion. They come in many ranges of colors and prints, from tiny and patterned to bold and graphic. It’s all about your personal taste. Floral masks are the perfect complement to easy summer dresses for strolling in town or wearing to the office with a business-casual feel. There really is no limit on the best way to match darling floral fashion masks for women.

Sweet Silks

Silk face masks are probably the best choice for a face mask in terms of comfort. Silk masks are more tightly woven than cotton masks, and they still repel airborne droplets effectively. It’s also softer on your skin, so it makes a better option if your face gets irritated due to mask-wearing. Health benefits aside, silk is stunningly beautiful in plain colors or prints, and it wears well whether you’re chilling in your pajamas or attending a formal event. There are many stunning styles available, including ruched, ruffled, pleated, or trimmed with lace. Dress them up or down as you please.

Beaded and Embroidered

Beaded and embroidered masks can make a fashion-forward statement. From intricate seed pearls to a Mexican hand-embroidered style, they are designed to catch the eye. While beaded styles may be best-suited to looks for formal occasions, pretty embroidered designs are easy to work into any outfit. Pair with your favorite dress for work or battered jeans for running about town.

You can also find lots of intricate, hand-embroidered designs. Many hand-crafted face masks are made by artisans in foreign locales, and this is a great time to purchase a few of these lovely face masks to help those others who are most impacted by the current world economic situation.

Whatever your taste or style, there is a mask for you! You can find everything from casual tie-dyed masks to ultra-chic beaded masks. Stock up your collection to have the perfect look to go with every outfit. Even with part of your face covered, there is no reason you can’t look like a total hottie.

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