Modern lifestyle has brought lots of health issues and it’s hard to find time for gym or to keep your body fit but technology has brought you a solution, Bowflex exceed home gym is portable and light version gym, it is designed for hard muscle workouts it’s small and effective.


This home gym brings more than 60 full body exercises and it has multiple adjustable slots which is designed for hard workouts. Bowflex exceed home gym comes with changeable weights to make workout easy for beginners and the gym also includes lat bar, squat bar, and ab training strap adjustable seat according to your convenience and much more. Easy assembling of parts, multiple and adjustable handles, durable power rods for heavy workouts, and most importantly it is cheap.Beginners you  don’t have to worry about the workouts.This gymcomes with the guide for beginners as well as for heavy workouts too. It comes with easy adjustments which are quick so you don’t have to worry about it.

Why choose Bowflex exceed home gym

It is mainly designed for small size home or apartments specially meant for those who are looking to build muscle and reduce body weight. Due to various reasons you may avoid going to gym outside but the home gymcan be placed in your home and you don’t have to spend your time on traveling to the gym. Bowflex is the best home gym option for the the people who wants to workout in home.

The power rods are made up of elastomer material which is durable and stronger.

For a plus size it is embarrassing to workout in gym before everyone this gives you freedom to workout in your private space.

  • If you are staying out from home or if you are going to shift often then you should have this home gym and it will help you to get rid of paying for gym membership.
  • In cities anyhow you have to get exposed to pollution and why do you want to get exposed to pollution during your travel to the gym instead have Bowflex exceed home gym in your home.
  • If you have it in your den then you can track your workouts very easily and in your favorite method and also workout in your leisure time.
  • Setting it is very easy and doesn’t need any heavy equipment once you get used then you won’t find it difficult
  • To make the workout easier it comes with many adjustable slots for weight rods, seat, handles and weights.

Bowflex exceed home gym have 65 types exercises. Also, it doesn’t need electricity to function; it is indeed the best home gym which will give u a good experience of working out. This home gym comes with a good budget friendly plan that it falls under the range less than $700.


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