Using a toilet is something that no one really can avoid. We are probably going to have to use the toilet almost every day of our lives.


It follows then that we learn how to use toilets correctly. Not using toilets the right way can lead to a lot of bad consequences. For example, straining can lead to colon disease amongst other things.


So how can you use the toilet correctly? The first thing you should probably do is to stop sitting on the toilet seat.


Squatting on toilet seats have been long heard of but rarely practiced in places such as North America. However, it seems that it is actually the right position to take while using the toilet. Why?


If you sit while using a toilet, the result is that the puborectalis muscle can only relax partially. This muscle is what controls the rectum movements. It has to be released fully when using the toilet. This happens when you squat.


When you stand upright, you have a slight curve around the digestive tracts and rectum area. This curve or bend is what ensures that we don’t leak or have a poop. Think of it like how the bend that is present in a water hose stops the flow of water.


When you squat, the bend is gone and the gateway is open. This allows for free flow. However, with sitting, you will have to push and sweat a little to get the desired result.


Posture when using the toilet is important.


Posture is important for many reasons. Posture helps to keep our skeletal system working right. Having the right posture will also help us avoid a lot of issues in the future. These are the same benefits we get when we use our toilets the right way.


Using the toilets correctly is the best way to avoid the problems that come with it. Such problems include constipation as well as colon disease.


To improve your posture when using the more conventional toilets, you can place a stool just under your feet. This helps to relax the rectum as well as straighten it.


The end result is that your toilet duties will become so much easier.


To squat effectively, the person attempts sitting on the air. When in this posture, the person’s hips and knees have to be bent sharply. The buttock area also has to bent and closer to the ground. Most people advise that it should an angle of about 35 degrees.


When this happens, it helps in making sure that there is alignment between the muscles and fibers. Defecation becomes a lot easier for you. How is this different from sitting on the toilet?


When sitting on a toilet, the thighs and the hips are bent. However, they form an angle of about 90 degrees while seated. This keeps the muscles taut. The path to defecation is surely not clear.

Cons of using the toilet incorrectly


There are so many problems that one can have when the right posture is not used in the toilet. This includes;




Constipation is fairly common. It results from the inability to use the toilet frequently. With constipation, the results are more straining and issues for the body.




This refers to veins that are swollen in the rectum and anus. The straining that is caused while sitting means that your veins and your rectum are always in action.


As you grow older, sitting down while using the toilet is likely going to cause serious hemorrhoids. This usually occurs when there is a lot of pressure in the area where the lower rectum is located.


Urinary Infections


Bad posture will also mean that you have a lot of pressure in the bladder. This is usually predominant in women. This makes the urinary flow to be much stronger. This will often translate to urinary tract infections.


Squatting while using a toilet will help remove urine from the bladder completely.


Best Toilets to Use


Prevention will always be better than treatment options. Despite the widespread preference to sit down while using the toilet and get the more conventional toilets for use, there is still hope.


Toilets have been made specially to ensure the correct posture is achieved while using the toilets. These are the best toilets to use if you want to prevent problems listed above both now and in the long term.




As long as we are human and alive, we are going to need to use the toilet. Just like our general posture, learning how to use the toilet correctly will help you to stay healthy.


It will also help you to have less stress, especially in your elderly age. So make the right choice and start making the right changes in your life.


Image Source: (Licensed)