Are you a sunscreen lover already or do you often wear it begrudgingly? We’re sure you know the importance of wearing sunscreen, but perhaps you’ve had some bad experiences with it in the past. From leaving a white cast, splitting under makeup, to feeling icky on your skin, sunscreen has often been hard to get obsessed with in the past. Today, there are some incredible new formulas on the market that make it easy to wear sunscreen every day. Keep reading to find out why sunscreen is so lovable in 2022.

Why wear SPF every day?

If you’re not already wearing sunscreen everyday, we’re here to tell you it’s time to change that. Unless you’re staying in a dark room indoors all day, then you really should wear a daily SPF. Why? Because when the UV index is 3 or higher, the skin is affected by UV rays. From devastating consequences like skin cancer, to pesky ones like fine lines and wrinkles, you can avoid the effects by taking sun precautions. Discover more of the best sunscreen in 2022 now.

5 Ways To Fall in Love with Sunscreen

1.    Invest in a specific facial sunscreen

If you’ve tried applying body sunscreen to your face, you’re doing it all wrong. Face sunscreen is where it’s at if you want to avoid breakouts, unwanted shine, and makeup splitting. Facial sunscreen has a lightweight texture which feels nicer on the skin, and means you won’t break out either.

2.    Choose sunscreen based on your skin type

Sunscreen, just like every skincare product, should be selected based on your individual skin type. The best part about using a face sunscreen is that they’re formulated for different skin- oily girls and dry skinned babes rejoice! If you have sensitive skin, you can choose a product designed specifically for reactive skin. This often means fragrance-free and gentle ingredients that won’t cause redness or your skin throwing a hissy fit.  If you’ve got an oily skin type, you can choose something with a mattifying finish. Even those with a dry skin type can find an ultra hydrating facial SPF.

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3.    Get sun protection and makeup in one with tinted sunscreen

If you’re looking for less steps in your skincare/makeup routine, rather than more, you need to know about tinted sunscreen. It’s SPF50 with a beautiful natural coverage that you can build up to medium coverage. Using tinted sunscreen means you can completely pass on your foundation step (note it’s not a heavy coverage like foundation) for days where you want to be a little more bare faced, but not completely sans makeup.

4.    Keep oily skin at bay with a mattifying sunscreen formula

A key reason why some people may choose to skip applying sun lotion to their face is because it leaves them looking oily. This is exacerbated for those with an oily skin type, as you’re trying to do everything you can to minimise 3pm shine. We promise you can also fall in love with sunscreen thanks to matte sunscreen formulas. Specifically designed for those with acne prone or oily skin, you will love mattifying sun lotion.

5.    Comfortably wear makeup over your face sunscreen

Speaking of reasons that women might choose not to wear a face SPF…Sunscreen has a pretty bad rep for splitting under makeup or even leaving a white cast. No one wants that, so many choose to leave out an SPF from their daily routine. Ultra Violette sunscreen is a brand that was literally designed to work with your makeup (and keep you protected at the same time). It’s Australian-made SPF (i.e. they have the toughest sunscreen regulations in the world, so you know they come with maximum protection), and created by women who have worked in the beauty industry their entire lives (they get the makeup and sunscreen dilemma personally!)

Inspired to add a face sunscreen to your daily skincare regime? Remember to apply every day for anti-aging benefits and of course sun protection!

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