There is this belief that the more an individual ages, the slower their brain gets. While this holds some truth, it’s not 100% accurate or certain. The brain goes through changes that would affect a person’s thinking process and speed. This is inevitable.

But what was it about being not 100% accurate? There are ways to boost the cognitive performance of a person. Multiple ways, in fact. Some may cause downsides, but various other methods won’t put your brain at more risks!

Everything to know about Cognitive Performance

Cognitive Function is a broad and comprehensive term that pertains to mental processes that involve acquiring knowledge, manipulating information, thought processes, and reasoning. It contains the domains of memory, perception, attention, memory, language abilities, and decision making. It also includes the performance of the brain, which may concern the speed, mental capacity, memory, and attention of an individual.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the brain slows down as a person ages. People actually lose 7 to 10 milliseconds of the brain’s speed once they reach the age of 20. That number would grow as we live on. It might not be noticeable at first, but it would be tough to let slide once you hit middle age.

Hitting the number of late 20s and early 30s is when the brain would experience changes that would lead to a slow decline in cognitive performance. The mid-30s is when the memory starts to decline and fail. This is the age when the neurons would decrease gradually.

At age 40s and 50s, the reasoning ability would then be affected. Age 60s onwards is when people would be most vulnerable to cognitive impairment and disability.

These facts are not here to scare you. These are here to raise awareness. Age will try to dumb you down, but don’t let it. As early as now, start protecting your brain by boosting your cognitive performance.

There are multiple ways to boost cognitive function. One such way is using cognitive enhancers or smart drugs, as some would call them. They are proven to be effective but be warned that they do have a couple of downsides when not used properly.

This vital, scary fact leads to many questions. Many users are having trouble finding the proper dosage of modafinil or asking how much nicotine is “too much.” The best to do is to ask experts and professionals’ opinions or read on reliable sites on this.

There are, however, ways to boost cognitive performance without any kind of risk to health.

Things That Affect Cognitive Performance

It is important to know the things that would affect your cognitive performance.

  • Cognitive Load

This refers to the amount of working memory you can hold at a time. One example is multi-tasking. Dividing a person’s cognition to work on different tasks would make it difficult for them to focus, and such would lead to a decrease in performance capability.

  • Neglecting Practice

The brain requires constant exercise to keep in top shape and achieve the maximum potential of performance capability. A brain that is neglecting practice would undoubtedly under-perform.

  • Difficulty of Task

Your cognitive performance relies on task difficulty. The harder the task, the more the brain is used. If you are stressed out all the time, chances are your brain is deteriorating faster than you expected.

How to Boost the Cognitive Performance without any risks

There are various ways to boost and improve a person’s cognitive performance without undergoing too much risk or downsides. You just have to look for the one which would help you best. Make sure that you are comfortable with the option you will consider, since compromising this area may worsen the process.

1.    Regular Exercise

Doing physical activity and exercise is among the most researched changes to boost cognitive performance. Some studies indicate that it changes an individual’s brain to protect their thinking skills and memory. Aerobics can boost the size of your hippocampus, the area responsible for learning and memory.

2.    Proper Medication

Medication such as cognitive enhancers has risks and downsides if not used properly. Though, there is no denying that they can enhance cognitive performance. These drugs attempt to increase mental alertness, improve memory and concentration. They are safe to use as long as you follow experts’ instructions or advice to avoid any side effects.

3.    Keep the Mind Active

Challenging the brain is a way to keep it both active and healthy. It helps improve the brain’s structure and neuroplasticity. Not just by doing repetitive activities that will allow you to stay in your comfort zone. You will need to challenge yourself by learning something new or by doing complex things. One such way of doing so is by playing brain games.

4.    Healthy Foods

A healthy diet ensures both a healthy body and mind. Adding fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains, poultry, lean meats, and low-fat products can help boost your cognitive performance. It will also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disabilities.

5.    Manage Stress

Stress can affect a person’s memory, change the brain, and increase the risks of cognitive impairments. Manage your stress and also build the ability to bounce back from stressful events and scenarios. You can do many things, such as relaxation techniques, staying positive, exercising regularly, writing a journal, watching movies, or doing something you love.

6.    Avoid Risks to Cognitive Health

Many factors can affect not just your cognitive performance, but also your cognitive health overall. These factors can prevent you from thinking properly, making rational decisions, and even performing daily activities. This is why it is vital to avoid these risks as much as possible.

These risks include a poor diet, brain injury, smoking, drinking too much, social isolation, sleep problems, and lack of physical activity. It is better to avoid them to protect your brain.

The brain is a core part of a person’s body. It will decline as an individual ages. There’s nothing to do about that. What you can do is take care of it while you still can, There are multiple ways to boost your cognitive functioning, and most of them are simple and easy. Step up now so you won’t find yourself regretting it in the distant future.

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