The corona virus pandemic has bounded millions at home and whole cities declared as quarantine. This pandemic will end one day, and it is your decision to choose how you are going to leave this quarantine period. Either you can be obese who needs a ninety days diet, or you can get in shape with a peaceful mind and a healthy body. The choice is all on you, for how you want to spend this quarantine.


Thousands of people are already going through depression because of this lockdown, and it is expectation that this lockdown will extend. This is not the first time that earth is going through a pandemic; we should know and learn from the experiences from the past. No doubt, this time is difficult for everyone but you need to utilize all this time you have got for yourself and divert your mind from social media and news that is mere just a source of depression.

Basic workouts


This article is not only about physical health of your body. We are going to guide you about your mental health too, because this quarantine and loneliness is messing with our mind. You can use this time to think about what you want from your life, or move out of a toxic relationship or heartbreak. For a partner you found to be cheating on you, you should remember that nature helped you to catch a cheater and it was for your own good. You should spend more time with yourself and your family; meditate and reevaluate the things in your life that are not how you want them to be. Here we will discuss some basic things you need to do to get started with your healthy routine in this quarantine.


Make a schedule


Start with making a daily routine schedule, from waking up early, reading books, trying something new, meditate and at least one hour of exercise every day. You can make your own routine schedule and start achieving it every morning you wake up. This way you will achieve a target and would not go to sleep thinking that you are wasting your life. You need to work on things that you want to change because nothing changes by itself.




Meditation is like a gateway from earthly worries. Meditation can help you relax your mind and increase your focus. Usually when we hear the word meditation, we get a picture in our minds that it is about becoming a monk and stop your brain from having thoughts. While meditation is simply a relaxing technique, in which you spend a considerable amount of time sitting calmly and focusing on something i.e. some kind of sound, or the future you plan to spend. You can also watch videos and try yoga as it is good for both your physical and mental health. Another way to relax is by speaking with a licensed counselor. You can find out more about how counseling decreases stress levels by visiting


Be creative


You should work on your creative traits. If painting makes you feel good, spend time painting something. If cooking makes you feel good, try cooking something new every day. Whatever it is that makes your creativity to flourish do it every day. You will be glad to do something that makes you feel happy.


No gym No worries


Gyms are close, so what? This is not an excuse to abandon your daily workout routine. You should spend at least one hour a day exercising. Because this is the time to achieve that six-pack abs, buffed up chest and shoulders or just getting your body into shape. You need to start eating healthy and not forget your daily cardio.


Let this quarantine change you in ways that you did not have any time for. But the changes you seek solely depends upon you!


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