Our abdominal area is among the most sensitive parts of the body that go through several changes. Sometimes, unusual issues like diastasis recti occur that seem total is strange. in this condition, the space between your left and right belly muscles got wider than usual. As both sides spread apart, the middle section becomes weaker that further results in lower abdominal strength and back pain. This health issue affects only a certain category of people as we are mentioned below.


  • Pregnant ladies
  • Newborn kids
  • Weeker abdomen
  • Genetic problems


Most commonly, the diastasis recti issue is found in pregnant ladies and newborn kids. Here we will explain in detail why this happens and what the treatment procedures are. Stay connected and scroll down.


Diastasis recti in pregnant ladies


The body of a pregnant lady goes through various changes because of hormonal fluctuation. The abdominal area of ladies is highly affected during this time period because of the dynamic growth of the fetus. We can notice a drastic change in the size of the belly that sometimes also affects the muscular walls. Here is a list of some very common reasons responsible for diastasis recti.


  • In the pregnancy period, the uterus continuously pushes out the abdominal wall. This continuous pressure on the abdominal wall separates the muscles of both sides.
  • The abundance of abdominal fat in the pregnancy period is also a reason for diastasis recti.
  • Hormones soft and the connective tissues of the abdominal area in pregnancy. Therefore, the separation of walls is very common in this condition.


Around two-thirds of pregnant women face this condition. The chances become higher if there are twins inside the mother’s womb. If you are also one of them, don’t worry because doctors have reliable diastasis recti treatment options. Let’s understand the same issue in newborns.


Diastasis recti in newborns


Some babies born with diastasis recti conditions. Especially when they are twins and separated from the abdominal area, the risk of abdominal muscle separation is higher. This condition is more apparent in the kids who were conceived without maintaining a safe reproduction gap. if there is a close difference in the age of two kids, the younger one can be prone to diastasis recti.


Diastasis recti in men


In most of the cases, this health condition doesn’t occur naturally among men. Rong dieting plans and workout are the major reasons for separating abdominal muscles apart. This problem is mostly seen in the people who are working on their six-pack abs in the wrong way. Exerting inappropriate pressure on abdominal muscles also leads to various other stomach related issues.


Major symptoms


  • Constipation
  • Poor body posture
  • Lower back pain
  • Bloating


Things to avoid in diastasis recti condition


  • If it seems painful, do not hold your baby on the hips.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weight whether you are a mother or working out in the gym.
  • Always support your abdominal muscles while coughing.


Restricted movements for people suffering from diastasis recti


  • Sit-ups
  • Crunches
  • Planks
  • Exercising on knees or back
  • Back bending
  • Using exercise ball


Potential complications due to diastasis recti postpartum


Don’t consider this physical condition as a normal thing because avoiding the treatment for a long time can result in several consequences including:-


  • Pelvic muscle pain
  • Permanent transformation in body posture
  • Hernia
  • Lower back pain


How to treat?


  • Approach a pregnancy therapist who can recommend some exercises to rearrange the abdominal sides at their right place. Practice the recommended postures regularly. Nowadays, workout videos for repairing your abdominal muscles are available online. However, get expert advice before following any exercise during pregnancy especially when it is related to your abs.
  • Provide adequate support to your lower back while sitting posture with the help of a pillow or towel.
  • Yoga poses are the best exercises to treat diastasis recti after pregnancy.
  • Swimming can also be a good option for repairing your abdominal muscles and giving them a ripped look.
  • Tubular bandages and abdominal binder pregnancy belly band can also help in preventing this disorder.


This is everything you need to know about diastasis recti, its complications and treatment.

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