The days of going out with our friends to play a game of football, squash, or basketball are now a thing of the past. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the definition of the new normal, we are all confined to our homes. And all those years when we thought that staying at home would give us the time to go out and spend a few more hours playing outdoor games turned out to be wrong too. All this is because of the lockdown and social distancing rules that came along with the coronavirus spread.

The Virtual Sports World

As we spend all our waking hours at home, it is almost impossible to find tasks that will help us get a break from work and have a relaxed time.  So, it is no wonder that virtual sports events are growing widely popular. Every sport we once played on the field, to those board games at Thanksgiving, is now available online, and you could play it with anyone across the world. While these games have been in existence ever since the inception of the internet, we could say that the lockdown has given it the much-needed push and popularity. If you are yet to explore the world of online gaming, here are a few virtual sports that you might fall in love with!


It is no surprise that football, a popular offline sport, enjoys great popularity in the virtual world. However, unlike playing on the field where you have to sweat it out for 90 minutes, you could have small two to three-minute tournaments while sitting on your couch. The options to choose the formats, teams, and players are only limited by your imagination as there are variants of FIFA, Virtual Football Champions Cup, Nations Cup, and so on to choose from.


If you wish to get some workout while sitting in the comfort of your home, this could be the right game for you. These games let you do everything from serve, drop shots, to volleys. If you lose a match, you could also toss your racket in anger and walk away. How awesome is that? There are numerous websites that not just let you play, but also bet on virtual tennis games. And with numerous bets taking place simultaneously, you could join a league at any point in time. And if you want to bet on a game, you could go for single or multiple bets, too, based on the website. In other words, there are more than one ways in which virtual tennis will entertain you!

Dog Race

Yes, this is a real sport and is popular both in the online and offline world. And if online gamers and virtual betting platforms are to go by, this sport is gaining great popularity in the recent past. The greyhound race receives the most number of bets beating football, tennis, and cycling in its online popularity. And the fact that you are not betting on actual animals running on a racetrack makes this game a favorite among animal lovers. Isn’t that a great way to get the best of both worlds?


You need not be a Lance Armstrong to win this one. Instead, you could bet on his virtual persona or that of any other cyclist competing in the virtual cycling tournaments. Just like in virtual football or tennis, you have real-life cycling champions from various championships lined-up in these games for the users to cast their bets on. Your imagination only limits the number of events you could bet because the betting websites feature an online recreation of almost every big league cycling event in the real world.

Which of these online sports are you going to try? Don’t forget to invite your friends too while playing or betting on these virtual sports because this is the new way to socialize. Do let us know in the comments section!

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