You must have seen people skating and wondered what the hype was all about. Well, it’s one of those things you must experience to understand its essence. Strapping on a pair of skates and smoothly gliding makes for a fun ride, not to mention the excellent workout it provides.

It is also a group sport since you can enjoy skating with friends, family, and other skating enthusiasts. Although skating is mainly associated with roller skates, inline skating is also popular among ardent skaters.

To enjoy inline skating or rollerblading, you must have a pair of the best rollerblades because most of your performance depends on it. Without good inline skates, you might leave yourself open to injuries in the long run or even end up having an unpleasant experience.

What are some things you must consider when buying rollerblades? Read on to find out.

Start By Checking The Wheels

The wheels are the first thing you must check while buying rollerblades since that is one of the essential parts of the equipment. Most of the wheels in the inline skates contain a durable material called polyurethane, famous for offering enhanced grip and more durability.

The wheel’s size varies between 42 millimeters to 110 millimeters, while the APEC rating determines its hardness (represented by A). For example, wheels for aggressive rollerbladers measure between 42 to 72 millimeters, with hardness varying between 78A to 84A.

Speed skates that provide more speed have bigger wheels with medium hardness. Softer wheels are ideal for outdoor use and offer more grip, while harder ones work well indoors and offer a lot of speed.

The Boots Play A Significant Role

All rollerblades or inline skates are attached to the boots through a hinge system. Manufacturers usually make skating boots from leather or vinyl manufactured leather, or even a combination of both, consisting of the midsole, insole, outsole, lining, tongue, and padding. Getting the correct size boots is crucial because an ill-sized one will hinder your movement and range of motion.

However, what kind of shoes you buy will depend on your long-term goals. A stiff boot provides plenty of stability and control, while a soft one will allow more air entry or higher ventilation. Jam skaters will benefit from shoes with a lower cut, while high-top boots are aesthetically pleasing. Some have a high heel, while others are entirely flat-soled.

Check The Closure System Of The Skates

The closure system in the rollerblades refers to how well you can secure the feet inside the boot. It is vital to have an effective and secure closure system, for an ineffective closing mechanism could expose you to injuries. The closure system in inline skates consists of laces, buckles, and straps, each having a specific advantage.

Fasteners are quicker to tie than laces and easily adjust themselves to different foot sizes, while you can tighten the laces at various places on foot as per your convenience. You can choose between velcro, standard, ratchet, and boa lacing.

Lacing is the oldest closing mechanism, while ratchet buckles combine with quick and standard laces. Power lacing is also popular because it requires  simple pulling of the cable that runs along its body.

What Kind Of Bearings Do You Need?

Many skaters often make the mistake of not paying sufficient attention to the bearings in the skates. They are situated inside the wheel hub and enable it to roll and consist of the shield, inner race, ball, retainer, and outer race.

Woman is rolling on black beautiful rollerblades on asphalt closeup

Rollerblades have two to five wheels, with two bearings in each wheel. You must ensure that the bearings are of the highest quality, and one way of doing that is by checking their APEC ratings.

A higher-rated bearing between 5 to 7 will ensure you glide for a long time after taking off, while a lower-rated one will cause your wheels to stop in a short time. You might also consider buying Swiss bearings because they are long-lasting, not prone to rusting, and highly durable.

Type Of Frame On The Rollerblade

The frame is the foundation on which most of the inland skate’s structure stands. Most manufacturing companies use aluminum to make the frames because it provides higher stability, although some also use nylon or composite frames. While choosing the plate, you must consider its length, toughness, material, and spacing.

The length influences the stability of the rollerblade and should be the same size as the wheels. Amateur fitness skaters use plastic frames to absorb the bumps effectively, while metal frames are cheaper. You could also choose carbon ones if you are an advanced skater looking for speed.

You must ensure to buy the best rollerblades before you can enjoy rollerblading with your friends, family, or other skating enthusiasts. Without the right inline skates, you will not enjoy the experience as much as you should, and it will affect your movement by a considerable margin.

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