Here we are. The third decade of the 21-st century is already a fact. What is another fact is that people are busier than ever and it seems that time keeps shrinking and there is no intention of letting go. Longer working hours, extended commutes and a huge amount of daily tasks have become a routine for almost every american. Most of us barely have time to sit down and have a relaxing meal, let alone spare time and go to the gym.

What is the ultimate result? Well, the ultimate result is not nice at all. Obesity in the US is on the rise, stress levels are at their highest, people feel depressed and unhealthy. It seems that our well-being is declining and there is no going back. But there must be an answer to all this. There must be a way that we can still keep fitter and healthier without the need of spending hours going to and exercising at the gym. Yes, you are totally right. There is an answer and it is called the vibration platform.

What is the vibration platform?

In a nutshell, the vibration platform is the answer to some of the most serious health issues of the 21st century, namely obesity, cardiovascular disease, sedentary lifestyle, osteoporosis and huge levels of stress. There is no doubt that everyone wants to feel healthier, happier and in perfect shape, but it just seems that there is not enough time to do that. This is why some companies have taken the extra mile in order to bring the vibration platform into your home and leave you with no excuses for being fitter and shape the body that you desire.

The machine offers low impact training from the convenience of your home. It creates vibrations that force muscle contraction and promote fat burning and energy expenditure. The outcomes are just spectacular – bigger muscle mass, increased flexibility, tighter body, stronger bones, better circulation and less fat. And that’s not even the best part. The best part is that the vibration platform requires so little of your precious time that you won’t believe it till you see it. Even 15 – 20 minutes per day, 3 days a week will help you see extraordinary results.

The range of exercise activities you can perform on the vibration machine are just as numerous as the benefits. You can do all sorts of squats, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, lunges, dips, various stretches, you name it. Have we mentioned the options for various types of massages? That’s right, the equipment is indeed extremely versatile and is gaining massive popularity in the US home and office fitness sector.

What are the health benefits of the vibration platform?

The vibration platform provides numerous benefits both for your physical and psychological health. Lower visceral and peripheral fat percentage, fitter body, better flexibility, increased muscle mass, improved BMI, denser bones and reduced stress levels are just some of the health benefits the equipment can offer. And these are not some sorts of presumptions that we have just made up. All of the above benefits are backed up by a large amount of studies conducted during the past decade.

For example, this crossover study demonstrated that a 20-minute exercise on the vibration platform leads to a significant increase in the metabolic cost of exercise, whereas this randomized controlled trial indicated that the vibration plate could improve postural balance performance and the power output of the muscle tissue.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits the vibration platform offers:

  • Bigger muscle mass and muscle tone – the studies indicate that people who use the machine on a regular basis achieve higher muscle mass and better neuromuscular mechanics
  • Reduced peripheral and visceral fat percentage – the machine speeds-up metabolism and increases fat utilisation
  • Enhanced flexibility and postural balance – people who practice whole body vibration therapy regularly boast better body balance and flexibility
  • Increased energy levels and improved circulation – the studies in the field show that the vibration platform leads to better blood flow, more stable blood pressure and increased energy
  • Leaner body and stronger bones – the machine proves very useful in strengthening the bones and reducing the bone loss that is associated with older age
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2, obesity and osteoporosis – the regular whole body vibration therapy decreases the risk of developing some of the most serious chronic diseases of the 21-st century

Final thoughts

The vibration platforms are becoming really popular within the US home fitness market. The companies that are involved in the development and manufacturing of the equipment are going the extra mile in order to offer high quality products at an affordable price. The aim is to make the vibration machine as beneficial as possible and easily available for the general population. The idea that stands behind this goal is that the more people exercise, the better their fitness level and the better their overall health.

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