The prevalence of electric scooters is becoming more popular as the need for convenient transportation means is imminent.

The scooter’s evolution has evolved from the traditional foot scooter or combustion engine scooter to the modernized e-scooter, which is powered by the force of an electric motor. This revolutionary scooter has made transportation faster, easier and enabled modernized developments in upcoming models set to hit the e-scooter market.

The competitive landscape in electric scooter manufacturing has seen numerous players introduce new and innovative designs offering various e-scooters around. This has seen the increase of e-scooters in metropolitan areas, causing an influx of users.

As a result, the concept of scooter-sharing programs has become popular, with manufacturing companies coming up with technologies to enable potential riders to access a scooter for use. The technology is powered by an app that allows the user to fill in their details and access a nearby scooter within their vicinity.

Users can access an electric scooter anywhere and leave them whenever they leave their destination. The competitive pricing in scooter-sharing programs has also made it possible for different players to access the developing trend.

Market players are also seeking to advance the electric scooter technology by developing carbon batteries that encourage faster charging by up to twenty times. The development of battery swapping stations is also underway in a variety of states. This seeks to increase efficiency, improve the flow of the scooters and encourage usage.

Standing scooters are also becoming popular than those with seats due to their ability to navigate faster through traffic and places that would otherwise be inaccessible by vehicles.

Governments and cities are developing amendments and laws that aim to govern electric scooter usage and safety, protecting the daily user. These laws will ensure electric scooter users are equipped with road safety educations that will prevent them from getting into fatalities and accidents. Sensitization of electric scooter usage will also be encouraged.

How they work

Electric scooters are characterized by their T-handle, which comprises brakes and the throttle. The most common type of e-scooters is the two-wheeled ones without a seat, although there are other three or four-wheeled variations available and others with seats.

Using an e-scooter is pretty much straightforward as the user stands on the deck, holds the handlebars, and powers it up.

Electric scooters use batteries to move, which are either:

  • Lead-Acid: These are mainly used for golf carts and vehicles due to their larger size. These are primarily found in larger scooters and are more affordable than the others as they have been longstanding in the market.
  • Lithium-ion: These are the latest technology in e-scooter batteries as they boast a more extended charge capacity in a smaller compact package.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride: These batteries are a middle ground between the above batteries. They hold a more extended charge capacity than the Lead-Acid and are cheaper than the Lithium-ion.

Are they worth it?

Electric scooters offer several benefits to their users, which make them such a good option for transportation:

Traffic jam evasion

Who needs to stay for long hours in long traffic jams every day for hours? An electric scooter offers a quick remedy for this. Several states are designed with sidewalks that enable scooters to glide through traffic jams easily. Therefore, getting to your destination will be a walk in a park, saving on time.


Aside from the traffic evasion, electric scooters offer maximum convenience. Timetables bind passengers who use the shuttle buses or metro to adhere to their destination. Electric scooters give you the convenience of leaving and arriving at your own time without relying on external factors. E-scooters also do not require special gear, and one can use them without changing into any sporting gear. However, users must ensure their safety by donning safety measures such as a helmet and observing the road and safety requirements before use.

Fast travel time

Electric scooters travel at an average speed of 25km/h. This is dependent on the model of the scooter that you get to choose from. Faster models can reach a speed of up to 30km/h. This speed is not dependent on the rider’s physique.

Eco-friendly option

Electric scooters are emission-free, making them an eco-friendly option as compared to buses and cars. The global sensitivity towards more sustainable measures of transportation also ensures the shift towards eco-friendly methods. Therefore, using an e-scooter enables you to be in tune with environmental regulation standards.

Compact and user friendly

Electric scooters can be folded and carried into the office or home. This compact feature enables you to take it anywhere you go without the inconvenience of searching for a parking spot. Electric scooters are also user-friendly will minimal configurations and a fun and exciting way to travel.

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