Our immune system plays an important role in maintaining overall health. It is of utmost importance to take care of it. To keep our immunity strong, we need to depend on a healthy diet loaded with all sorts of nutrients and minerals. But, in spite of concentrating on the kind of diet we eat, sometimes, our body lacks essential nutrients. In order to give our immune system the extra boost, we have to depend on health boosters.

Power-Packed Immunity Boosters

There are so many options of immunity boosters available in the markets. One can choose from health drinks, juices, capsules, drops, different forms of tea, etc. There are a few popular ones that have been everybody’s favourite for a long. For instance, we are all familiar with Chyawanprash. You can also try and explore ghk-cu. You can find articles about its benefits online. It is a concoction of so many medicinal herbs of ayurvedic importance. It has been used for ages. Just two spoons a day, and the immune system is ready to get boosted. It is suitable for the entire family. Other options are like:

  • Amla (Indian gooseberry) is another well-known ingredient for boosting health. But many detest having this wonder fruit for its sour taste. For them, the solution can be the juice of amla. Many reputed brands provide packed amla juices that need to be diluted before consuming. Full of Vitamin C, this juice can boost immunity like anything.
  • Kadha powder is another choice. Many opt for this. Simply mix the powder with hot water or tea and enjoy the benefits.
  • Tulsi is another herb that is known for its immense potential as a natural immunity booster and is available in the form of drops. Taking this drop regularly with water can boost immunity.
  • Many brands of tea are available in the market that is mixed with a number of herbs to boost immunity. Tea blended with herbs like tulsi, ginger, cinnamon, thyme, Guduchi, and many more serve to fulfil the purpose of providing the body with the necessary immunity.

All these natural immunity boosters promise to enhance the body’s immune powers and help in overall health.

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Immunity Boosting Supplements

Well, the list is not yet over. Besides the age-old favourites of health-boosting choices, new-age health booster kits are also available.

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known name and is used in a variety of ways. Its health benefits have been proven quite often. Organic apple cider vinegar with 2X mother and enriched with amla and turmeric gives it some more power. The health booster kit with organic apple cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar with amla and turmeric (along with black pepper and cinnamon) is everything one needs. The four ingredients help to nourish the immune system, improve oral health and also treat digestive disorders. Amla for Vitamin C (natural detoxifier), turmeric for 20 % curcuminoids and better absorption (enhances skin health), cinnamon for its antioxidant properties (helps improving oral health) and black pepper for its anti-inflammatory properties (helps treating digestive issues). This drink ensures a dose of high fiber and low sugar. The power of twice the mother gives maximum health benefits. It also has essential health-boosting enzymes and beneficial bacteria that have healing properties. This organic immunity booster kit is like no other kit. Just mix in water and enjoy your healthy drink.

Many other immunity health booster kits are also available. One such natural immunity booster kit consists of cinnamon, amla, ashwagandha, sunthi, kadha powder, tulsi, giloy, ginger and turmeric. The kit also gives a pack of spirulina superfood and a vitamin C immunity booster drink. It is a natural health booster and gives the body all essential needs for improving immunity.

There is another natural dry fruit health booster that comes in the form of a powder. It contains ingredients like almonds, cashew, pistachios, raisins and pumpkin seeds and is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. It is a 100% natural, gluten-free and fibre-rich vegan product. The product promises to increase good cholesterol and reduce bad one. It is high in protein and vitamins E, C and A.

Taking about natural and organic health boosters, there are so many options to choose from. The market is full of them. One just needs to know exactly what the body requires, such as when discussing natural menopause supplements for women. But, again, although they comprise natural components and such elements consist of potent bio-actives, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice before consuming any of the products.

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