Millions of people worldwide are dealing with weight issues. Weight gain may have been the result of a sedentary lifestyle or because of poor eating habits or something else altogether. Whatever may the reason be, losing weight is essential for a fit and healthy body. That said, going outdoors for a run or going to the gym for a training session is impossible for many. Working out at a home gym, however, eliminates the problem.

5 Best Exercise Machines To Lose Weight At Home

Exercising at home is advantageous in many ways. However, to lose weight efficiently, you need to choose the right exercise machine. Here is a list of the most common and effective exercise machines that help to lose weight at home:


The treadmill tops the list of best exercise machines to lose weight in your garage gym and for good reason. Exercising with Sportsart treadmill is an all-time favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts and those that want to lose weight with cardio. Whether you are new to workouts or have been a regular at the gym, there is no ignoring a treadmill.

A treadmill is a pretty simple equipment and ideal for a home gym. It comes with a conveyor belt that rolls to help you mimic a run. You can run or jog on a treadmill just as you would outdoors. The rolling action helps you gain speed as compared to running on the static ground. Thus, with a treadmill, you can get the benefits of running without going outdoors. This means you can work out whenever you are free and never disturb your schedule.

What’s more, treadmills aren’t only meant for running or jogging. You can simply walk on it at a speed that’s suitable for you. This makes it a good choice for people with injuries or pain who would want to avoid straining their knees. You can also try different workouts on these exercise machines according to your preferences and requirement. If you are a pro, you can also try walking or jogging backward.

Exercising on a treadmill involves the use of hamstrings, glutes, calves, quadriceps, and abs. As you run/jog on a treadmill, your heart rate increases considerably. Once you reach your fat-burning threshold, the body starts to use deposited fat to supply energy. This eventually leads to weight loss.

Elliptical Machine

One of the common cardio machines found in all gyms is the elliptical. And if you want to lose weight at home, it should be a part of your home gym as well. It comes with long handles, two foot pedals, and a flywheel and allows you to work your lower body and develop cardiovascular endurance. There are many different models of elliptical machine with many reputable brands that have been experts in manufacturing for years. For example a ProForm, Bowflex and NordicTrack. Check out a selection of the best ellipticals by NordicTrack here.

Elliptical machines are a low-impact equipment that targets muscles of your chest, back, butt, arms, legs, and abdomen. An elliptical is best suited if you have had an injury or operation and want to get back to your training session without putting too much stress on your body and the joints.

One can also focus on developing balance and coordination on an elliptical. Using the pedals without holding onto the handles will let your core work on balance and coordination.

Excercise bike at home gym to work out


Stationary Bike

Another easy way of losing weight is to add a stationary bike to your garage gym. We all know biking at high speeds is a great workout. What if you could do the same but at your home? Well, stationary and fan bikes help do just that. They allow you to work against increasing resistance, thus enhancing the intensity of your workouts.

That said, stationary bikes are also a great choice of cardio machines for people who do not want to put too much strain on their joints or are dealing with injuries. They allow you to practice various challenging cardio workouts without ever hitting the gym.

Stationary bikes are a good exercise equipment for both upper and lower body workouts and target multiple muscle groups. A training session on a stationary bike will work your abs, back, quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. They are low impact and highly recommended for weight loss. You can check out these Peloton before and after pics to understand the difference they can make.

Rower Machine

A rower also ranks amongst the best exercise machines to lose weight at home. It is a low-impact machine that works out your biceps, triceps, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, abs, glutes, obliques, lats, and pecs. As it works out the entire body, it is a good cardio workout machine for weight loss.

For exercising on a rowing machine you have to sit on a sliding seat, hold the handle with both hands, and move backward as you pull the handle. The damper attached to the machine has options from 1-10. The numbers indicate the amount of air that is allowed into the cage. The more the air, the more is the resistance that you have to work against. Thus, you can adjust the resistance that you want to work against. By gradually increasing the damper count, you can speed up your weight loss process.

Stair Climber Machine

If you have climbed a flight of stairs, you know very well how it works out your lower body. The effect is even more if you do it fast. A stair climber is an exercise equipment allows you to replicate the same in your garage gym. You don’t need to go outdoors looking for a tall building to climb a flight of stairs.

If you are wondering how emulating the action of climbing stairs can help you, then here is some information. Climbing stairs is an excellent cardio exercise and when you practice the same on an equipment, you work your body towards weight loss. Working out on a stair climber machine uses your glutes, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core.

Like other cardio machines, it pumps up your heart rate and helps the body to use up stored fat. You can increase the intensity of your workouts by skipping a stair, climbing sideways, or adding a frog jump or squat in-between. All these will help you lose weight faster on a stair climber exercise equipment.


Losing weight at home isn’t difficult. All you need is a couple of exercise machines that can target different muscles groups and pump your heart rate enough to start burning calories and eventually, body fat.

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