Are you tired of seeing excess body fat each time you look in the mirror? This can prove to be a frustrating experience, especially if you’ve tried different diets and workout programs but don’t seem to get any results. While it’s tempting to use the latest fad diet, you may be better off starting with the basics—and there’s no better way to get started by adopting a detox diet. This doesn’t involve any fancy food that costs a lot of money nor strict calorie counting. It’s all about cleansing your body to get rid of harmful toxins.

What is a Detox Diet?

It’s worth noting that detox diets aren’t similar to fad diets often seen in health magazines. The first part of the diet involves fasting. During this period, you need to eliminate unhealthy food in your diet and also limit your time for eating. It’s similar to intermittent fasting, which has become very popular over the past couple of years. For example, you’ll eat between 1 PM and 6 PM. Outside this time frame, you’re only allowed to drink water.

The idea behind this type of fasting is to help you identify which foods do the most harm in your body. You might be surprised by the effects after just a few days of fasting. This is part of the cleansing process as unhealthy food can introduce toxins in your body which contribute to weight gain. Some detox plans also recommend adding supplements such as Idealica, an organic product that reduces toxins and boosts the functions of different internal organs.

Does it actually work?

All kinds of diets you read on health magazines or blogs can work. The question should be: Is it a healthy way of losing weight? In the case of detox diets, you can expect a significant weight reduction relatively quickly, especially during the first few days of fasting. Since you’ll be restricting the number of calories you normally consume, it’s natural for your weight to go down. Most of this, however, is excess fluid or water weight. Body fat percentage and waist-to-hip ratio can also diminish as long as you stick to the routine.

While only a few scientific studies have been conducted to analyze the effects of detox diets on weight loss, a lot of people swear by this healthy diet plan. Some skeptics argue that since practitioners experience a loss in fluid and carb stores instead of fat, they will regain the weight as soon as they stop following the diet. But this applies to any kind of diet plan. If you want to keep the weight off in the long run, then be sure you remain consistent with your eating and lifestyle choices.

What’s great about a detox diet and the best fat burners is that they offer health benefits other than weight loss. For one, it teaches you what foods to eliminate and include in your daily diet. It also limits stress, promotes relaxation, and improves sleep. All of this can-do wonder for your mind and body, enabling you to think clearly and choose habits that support health and wellness.  You can get this and more information through Saxenda online purchase.

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