The popularity of CBD is no longer surprising, with many people using various CBD products for different health benefits. However, the expanding market promoted the discovery of various CBD derivatives in the market. With a wide range of formulations available, including CBD oil, gummy bears, chocolates, creams, and CBD tinctures, which are all beneficial, users can easily feel overwhelmed.

However, just because the popularity of CBD tinctures is on the rise, you shouldn’t rush into using them. Below are some things to know before buying tinctures.

1.     CBD Tinctures Are Not the Same As CBD Oil

Most people confuse CBD oils and CBD tinctures, with some using these terms interchangeably. However, the confusion is understandable as both tinctures and oils are cultivated in the same way and stored in the same bottles. However, how cannabis plant constituents are extracted is what differentiates these two CBD products.

Simply put, tinctures are extracted by soaking cannabis plants in an alcohol and water mixture. On the other hand, CBD oil is extracted by infusing cannabis plant extracts in a carrier oil. Due to this, CBD tinctures also offer a wide range of benefits than CBD oil. However, alcohol-sensitive users may prefer oil over tinctures.

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2.     Ensure That You Purchase the Right CBD Tinctures

Surprisingly, a study done by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that less than 30% of CBD products available on the market are labeled correctly. With such shocking statistics, you should be careful when buying CBD tinctures. While there are many factors to consider, key indicators of viable products include a Certificate of Analysis.

CBD tincture with a certificate of Analysis shows that the cannabinoid levels and overall purity of these products are verified. If the product doesn’t have this label, high chances are the manufacturer is not transparent with users. You should also check if manufacturers used food-grade alcohol. This is an assurance that the product is safe for human consumption. Tinctures from Joy Organics are high-quality and meet these prerequisites.

3.     CBD Tinctures Should Be Taken in Small Doses

Unlike other CBD products, CBD tinctures are highly concentrated. Therefore, you must take them in small doses. While chances of overdosing on tinctures are difficult, you should stay safe by restricting yourself. Actually, if you use tinctures for medical purposes, a large dose isn’t necessary. Fortunately, tinctures have droppers, which make it easier to regulate your dose.

4.     CBD Tinctures Contain Terpenes

Terpenes are among the many compounds found in cannabis plants. Besides their medical benefits, they are responsible for the flavor and aroma of various CBD products. However, manufacturers include different terpenes from various herbs and plants to tinctures to increase their medicinal potency.

Tinctures are taken to alleviate specific ailments. Therefore, specific terpenes added should target specific symptoms of the ailment. For instance, Myrcene is used to relieve anxiety, while Limonene helps with mood issues.


You shouldn’t get carried away by the hype behind various CBD products, especially tinctures. Use the basic tips mentioned above as a guide when buying CBD tinctures.

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