CBD is increasing in popularity as an effective natural remedy for a variety of health issues, from pain and inflammation to anxiety and depression. It works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate an array of physiological and cognitive processes in the body, such as appetite, mood, sleep, and immune response.

Apart from CBD, hemp also contains other cannabinoids, such as CBDA, that offer an array of therapeutic benefits. Research is ongoing into the potential benefits of cannabinoids, but it’s clear that these have become a popular choice for many people looking for natural remedies.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and well-being, you may want to consider adding CBDA into your day-to-day lifestyle. In this blog post, we will discuss what exactly CBDA is, and the many benefits it can potentially provide.

What Is CBDA?

CBDA is an acidic cannabinoid that is found in hemp and cannabis plants. It serves as the precursor to CBD. This means when CBDA is decarboxylated, or exposed to heat, it converts to CBDA. This poses a problem when extracting CBDA from the plants, as traditional extraction processes must utilize heat for sufficient cannabinoid extraction. This causes a majority of CBDA to convert to CBD, leaving little to none of CBDA in the final extract. Due to the vast number of benefits CBDA can provide, global solution providers have found ways to extract cannabinoids without the use of heat. Thus, allowing for the extraction of acidic cannabinoids, including CBDA and CBGA, at a mass scale.

Though CBDA has been less researched compared to CBD, research found that CBDA has a wide range of potential health benefits. These include:

Pain Relief

CBDA has been shown to reduce inflammation, making it useful in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis and other chronic pain syndromes that involve inflammation.

Anxiety & Depression

Studies have suggested that it may be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression, due to its ability to interact with the body’s serotonin receptor.

Sleep Support

CBDA can help regulate sleep cycles, making it helpful for those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders.

Immune System Support

It has also been shown to boost the immune system, making it effective in warding off infections and illnesses.

Health & Well-being

Finally, many people report feeling a general sense of well-being after taking CBDA, making it an ideal supplement for overall health.

What Makes CBDA Better Than CBD?

CBDA has an exceptional advantage over other cannabinoids when it comes to bioavailability. In fact, CBDA was found to be 19x more bioavailable than CBD. This means when an equivalent dose is administered, the body can absorb much more CBDA. Additionally, it allows for lower doses of CBDA to feel the desired therapeutic benefits.

Research has also found that CBDA is up to 50 times more effective at inhibiting COX-2 enzymes than CBD, making it an ideal choice for people looking for relief from inflammation.


What Products Contain CBDA?

It is typically found in raw hemp extracts, as the heat exposure needed to decarboxylate CBDA into CBD has not yet taken place. CBDA is often available in:

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Supplements

It’s important to note that these products will not get you high, as it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Is CBDA Legal?

CBDA is federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill as long as it is derived from hemp. The product must contain 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC.

How To Add CBDA To Your Routine?

The best way to add this acidic cannabinoid into your routine is by consuming CBDA-rich hemp products. This could be oils, tinctures, edibles, or topicals.

CBDA has a wide range of potential health benefits. By understanding how this cannabinoid differs from CBD and knowing how to add it to your routine, you can gain access to its powerful effects.

Always consult a healthcare professional prior to adding any health and wellness products into your routine. 

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