Proponents of cannabidiol (CBD) argue that the drug is beneficial for multiple health and wellness issues, ranging from poor sleep to physical pain, anxiety, and other health conditions. Although CBD products have been around for some time now, it’s only recently that they’ve grown more popular, with more and more companies stepping in to produce and unveil new cannabinoid products.

One such company is cbdMD, which manufactures several CBD products, including oils, topical, gummies, and animal products. So have you seen cbdMD anywhere? Here is our review of the brand and examples of some of its products you should expect to find in your local drug store.

About cbdMD

Founded in 2015 in Charlotte, NC, cbdMD is currently an  A+ plus rated company on Business Better Bureau (BBB). However, it’s not yet a BBB accredited company. The company trades on the New York Stocks Exchange as YCBD and is quite established. Additionally, cbdMD’s products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration as the company has never received an FDA warning letter since its inception.

Furthermore, the company is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and NSF International certified.

GMPs are the FDA’s standards for best and safe product manufacturing, storage, labeling, and testing. CbdMD is, therefore, GMP compliant and generally trustworthy.

CbdMD Product Range And Pricing

Among cbdMD’s offerings are broad-spectrum CBD oils, gummies, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and pet products. The company is also GMP certified and has been quite transparent about its products and manufacturing processes. However, consumers are always advised to go for products with passed contamination tests and have the recommended amount of cannabinoids. The company offers some of the most uniquely produced, high-quality CBD products in the market.

The cbdMD’s oils have a broad-spectrum combination formulated to give consumers the maximum effect and value. The difference is in their perfect blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. Additionally, cbdMD’s topical products have been proven to have remarkable effects on recovery, joint pains, muscle pains, arthritis, sciatica, and other chronic conditions. CbdMD’s products are designed to boost CBD’s long-term effects, such as sensation and user response. From CBD spray, lidocaine, or the tech-enhanced Freeze Roller, you receive instant feelings and relief once the CBD enters your system.

All cbdMD products are formulated with a broad spectrum of CBD, which means that each product contains hemp-derived terpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum CBD contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or any intoxicating part of the cannabis plant. Among cbdMD’s products include:

  1. oils
  2. topicals
  3. gummies
  4. sleep aids
  5. capsules
  6. bath bombs
  7. pet products

Most of these products are formulated with a wide variety of flavors and potency levels which could be anything between 300 to 7,500 mg. Pricing also varies depending on potency levels and the size of the product. However, cbdMD offers attractive discounts to two particular customer categories, including veterans and people with disabilities.

Veterans program: All active or retired service members of the US army receive a 30% discount on each product purchased.

Disability program: Customers who are legally disabled received a discount of 40% for any cbdMD product purchased.

However, those who need to access such discounts through these programs must contact customer service and set up an account to help them make orders efficiently.

CbdMD Gummies

Along with CBD, cbdMD’s products are also gluten-free such as the vegan-friendly gummies, which also contain 10 mg of vitamin C, which meets the required daily amount of 10 to 12 percent. The gummies come in orange, raspberry, tropical, strawberry, and flavors; all made with natural coloring.

CbdMD’s vegan-friendly, fruit-flavored gummies are formulated for both beginners and frequent CBD users. They’re especially ideal for new users since they contain a limited amount of CBD to help them control the amount they need to consume. CbdMD recommends a single gummy a day for beginners and two for seasoned users. However, consumers should never forget that gummies are made with sugar to boost the product’s flavor. Each gummy contains a minimum of 2 grams of sugar.

CbdMD Oils

CbdMD’s oils products are also gluten-free and vegan friendly and only contain three unique ingredients, which are MCT oil, hemp extract, and natural flavor. Some people find the taste of raw CBD oil a bit rough. However, cbdMD had considered this and incorporated fruit flavors into their oil products as they did with gummies.

CbdMD oils contain blackberry flavor, which helps retain some of the product’s natural taste while keeping it friendly to the tongue. To use CbdMD oil, place it under your tongue and let it stay for 30 seconds. Alternatively, mixing with food or drink is better and more appealing.

Choosing CbdMD Products

Users are often advised to consider what they want to achieve from using a product before picking a specific one. For instance, if you’re trying to support mental health or find a remedy for other full-body conditions with CBD, then the ideal product to choose is a gummy or tincture. On the other hand, if you’re looking to improve your skin health with CBD, or if you want to care for a specific body part, such as a sore shoulder, then topical, such as roll-on or lotion, is what to go for.

However, for any product you choose, always go for one that has a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COA), including information on contaminant testing. For cbdmd’s products, most are available in different levels of potency. To pick the ideal dose that meets your needs, begin with the lowest recommended doses. From there, you can analyze your overall body feeling and reactions then you can increase or decrease the amounts as necessary. However, you should stick to a single product and use it consistently for a month for better results.

Where You Can Find CbdMD

CbdMD sources its hemp used in all of its products from farms all over the United States. This means that the company has established its presence countrywide, and its manufacturing plants, laboratories, and products are everywhere. Additionally, the brand is also a major sponsor of several athletes, including Patrick Reed and Bubba Watson, sports clubs, surfers, MMA fighters, and community groups. CbdMD is also a partner with  Bellator and Supercross and The Green Dragon CBD. The brand has established quite a strong reputation and online presence, too, with five-star customer reviews on  Trustpilot, among other platforms.

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