CBD has become a buzz-word in the health and wellness fields and beyond. Not only has the popularity of CBD increased, but methods of consumption have evolved as well. While CBD oil is the cornerstone of the market for its versatility, it’s not everyone’s preferred way of taking it. Edibles are presenting an easy-to-use and tasty option for CBD customers who want something new. There are gummies, chocolates and other candies, granolas, gum, soft drinks and the list goes on and on. So which CBD edible is right for you? Here are things to consider before you buy!




The first thing you will want to consider about your CBD edible is how potent you want your dose to be. If you are new to CBD, consider starting small. Choose a product you can easily build on if need be. If you are a first time CBD edible user, start with a gummy that has a lower potency and see how it makes you feel. This way you can build on that dose and eat another gummy if you wish for a stronger effect. Check how much CBD each serving of an edible contains and follow the label instruction about consumption. Potency will vary on the product so always check the label, and better yet look for third-party lab test results about the quality and potency of your purchase.




One of the main reasons CBD edibles are so popular is the desirable taste. Many CBD oils and tinctures can have a “hempy” or herbal aftertaste. Choosing an edible is the perfect way to avoid any unwanted taste with still receiving the benefits. The best way to choose a CBD edible based on flavor is to go with what you already like. If you are a candy person, a cbd gummy or chocolate bar could be great for you. If you like a snack style, opt for granola or cookies. There are even the smallest of edible options available for discrete consumption, like gum or oral breath strips.


Desired Outcome


Hand in hand with potency, is the desired outcome of your CBD use. What are you trying to achieve or alleviate by taking CBD? Different blends of CBD can have varying effects depending on the other ingredients used in the product. There are products like CBD tea and coffee that can be great for focus and creativity, but would be a bad option for someone looking to reduce stress or anxiety. On that same note, there are many gummies that have been infused with melatonin, specifically made to help those dealing with sleep issues or insomnia. You can narrow down what CBD edible is right for you when you narrow down what exactly you are trying to impact.


CBD edibles are thought to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorders, epilepsy and more. They offer a natural alternative to prescription drugs or pharmaceuticals and are a perfect choice for those who prefer a more therapeutic approach to healing.

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