In our digital and data-driven worlds, there are thousands of computerized ways to engage with our health. We can choose from endless apps, widgets, and smart devices. We can download nutrition trackers, join a studio online for yoga or Pilates, go to a gym that tracks our heart rate automatically, and sync it all to quantify our efforts. Knowledge can be powerful, but what about those days when every one of those things whittles off another slice of time and attention until it feels like there’s barely enough left to start again tomorrow?

What if there was a program that paid dividends in time and space instead of merely occupying it? What if you could plug in to something and truly recharge?

Release yourself

Glo is more than an online yoga studio. Glo is an unlimited, on-demand constellation of tools that draw on Pilates, yoga, and meditation to create programs that address the body, mind, and spirit as one being. Our holistic approach celebrates the idea that practice is not limited to the mat or cushion. We offer a full range of classes featuring dozens of teachers so you can connect with a practice that meets you where you are and elevates you.

The link between practice and perfection

How many times have you heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”, and how does it make you feel? Maybe you are imagining running through scales on a piano until you can touch every note in a dead sleep, or swinging a baseball bat to hone the timing between you and connecting with the pitch. We often view practice as a process of training our physical body to perform an action. This process has a concrete endpoint: the ability to perform the action perfectly.

There is value in developing the strength, flexibility, and muscle memory to do what we want. However, it is only one aspect of what makes up practice. At Glo, we want to help you develop a practice that goes with you far beyond a class or session. You are whole, and we are invested in holistic teaching that reaches deeper than perfecting a pose on the mat.

Going with the flow — with purpose

Glow offers online yoga classes you can do anywhere, anytime, and as much as you want. Our online yoga classes encompass twelve distinct styles including restorative, vinyasa, pre- and postnatal, and partner yoga. We feature dozens of teachers passionate about sharing their expertise through a platform that adapts to life and wherever life takes you. You can select individual classes based on your needs or utilize our multi-class programs, designed to further your abilities in a particular direction.

Our online yoga studio brings your practice out of the classroom and into your daily life. It’s about how you breathe when you meditate and when you’re talking to your colleagues, your posture on the mat and in your kitchen, the way you move through a flow and when you’re walking down the street. Because Glo joins you wherever you are and has instruction at every experience level, there are no roadblocks to beginning a deep practice that satisfies, restores, and awakens you.

Glo is dedicated to all the ways you want to actualize your life. Speaking truth, developing calm, nurturing comfort in our unique bodies, and affirming the joy in our inner and outer lives are all essential parts of the Glo mission.

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