The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine has taken the world by storm because of its amazing effects. Although it is a rigorous and intensive skincare routine, beauty enthusiasts who’ve stuck with it have experienced its stellar results. It boasts of a noticeably brighter and radiant skin with consistent in just a couple of days.

Apart from its precise 10-step method, people can be reluctant to try this Korean beauty routine because of how expensive beauty products can be. However, we’ve compiled a list of affordable Korean beauty products from Skinfood that you can easily add in your daily skincare routine.

Affordable Beauty Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive. It shouldn’t even have to waste too much of your time to find. The great news is that you can use products that you already have in your kitchen to enhance your skincare routine on top of the effective skincare products.

Here is a list of home products that you can add to your routine:

1. Rice water

The first product is something that you see and use every day. Rice water contains easily absorbable minerals and nutrients, and can instantly make your face smoother and remedy a lot of skin issues. Rice water has been used as a skincare and beauty ingredient for several years among various cultures worldwide, especially in Asian countries.

You shouldn’t throw away the water that you use for cleansing your rice! There are three main ways to use rice water for your skin:

  • Boiled
  • Soaked
  • Fermented rice water

Boiled and soaked rice water are ideal to use within the day, while fermented rice water can be preserved for future treatment.

Boiled rice water

To make boiled rice water, prepare ½ cup of rice and 3 cups of water. Boil the 3 cups of water, and add the rice upon boiling. Allow it to cook for 15-20 minutes on medium-low heat. Drain and allow to cool before transferring the rice water to a clean container.

Boiled rice water has a viscous consistency, so you may add some water to the preparation before using, approximately 1-2 cups of water for every 2-3 tablespoons of boiled rice water. Use immediately.

Soaked rice water

To make soaked rice water, soak the same rice-to-water ratio in a large bowl for 15-30 minutes. Drain, and transfer to a clean container after soaking. Absorbed rice water has a thinner consistency, and doesn’t require adding more water to dilute it. Use immediately.

Fermented rice water

Fermenting rice water brings out more nutrients and new enzymes that make it more potent than unfermented boiled or soaked rice water. To make fermented rice water, first, you have to make soaked rice water. Drain and transfer the softened rice water into a large bowl and ferment it for 1-2 days. When the rice water becomes sour, move immediately into the refrigerator to stop the fermentation process. Dilute with 1-2 cups of water before using it. Fermented rice water lasts for a week with proper storage.

For even better results, use Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off, which has all the benefits you can derive from rice water in a luscious face mask that removes dirt and excess oil from your face, making your complexion bright and soft. The minerals, rice grains, gamma oryzanol, vitamins, and moisturize and whiten skin for a fairer complexion.

2. Cucumber

It is common to see women’s images putting cucumber slices on their eyes while doing their beauty rest. That’s because cucumber is an excellent and affordable skin food. Cucumber has the benefits of hydrating and refreshing the skin, reducing swelling and puffiness, and soothe redness and skin irritation. Cucumber’s high water content (it contains 96% of water) can instantly hydrate your skin and prevent dryness. It also soothes your eyebags.

Skinfood Premium Lettuce and Cucumber Watery Toner contains 5% lettuce extract, 5% cucumber extract, and 20% cucumber water to hydrate your skin in its fast-absorbing toner formula.

Final Thoughts

Skincare is a vital part of everyday life, especially when you’re spending more time indoors. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about how much you’re paying for products. Achieving radiant and beautiful skin doesn’t have to be expensive.

You don’t have to buy the best products right away, and you can ease into your new items with home remedies and natural products. Improve your skincare experience by adding these affordable beauty products into your skincare routine.


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