One of the best measures of wellness and health is how tall or short you are. In the majority of cases, short children are seen as unhealthy. The average height is currently high than it was in the past. The reason is that there is now better healthcare and easy access to a balanced diet than before.

Several things can inhibit height growth. Among them are poor diet, genes, and diseases. And while there’s little you can do about your genes, you can achieve the right height by eating right.

The following are some of the growth strategies that you can use to add to your height.


Exercising about 10 minutes every day may be the trick to a better height. A set of exercises like the aerobics will increase the concentration of nerve acidity, nitric acid, lactate, and adrenaline. These substances provide the best condition for body growth.

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Furthermore, exercising frequently enhances the production of growth hormone. Typically, the growth hormone kicks start the process of growing tall and becoming healthier. Mainly, the growth hormone helps in cell multiplication to increase the mass of your bones, cartridge, and muscles.


There is a common misconception that sleeping any amount of hours is sufficient. After all, you get to rest for a bit and continue working hard for the rest of the time. However, insufficient sleep can work against your height growth efforts. It is only when you are deep asleep that your body heals and other body processes are at their best. It is also the most appropriate time for the production of the growth hormone.

Mostly, you should sleep at least 8 hours for the body to heal and for the production of the growth hormone to occur. Make some time in your busy schedule to sleep well and enough. Be organized, and you can achieve all that you want and grow tall and healthy at the same time. It is killing two birds with one stone.


As mentioned earlier, eating a balanced diet is critical to ensure you achieve your optimal height. However, we may not always know the right food products that have most of the required nutrients. For example, your body needs a variety of essential amino acids, and only certain food products contain them. As such, you may need to keep a list on your fridge and which may not be easy.

Supplementation is the alternative and an easy way of giving your body what it requires to grow. Some of the supplements that may be the secret to your height growth include zinc, vitamins, phosphorus and of course essential amino acids such as L Arginine.

Vitamin D and Calcium

Healthy bones are essential to ensuring optimal height growth. In the majority of cases, you can acquire vitamin D and calcium, necessary for strong and healthy bones from a balanced diet. The best sources of vitamin d and calcium include the leafy green vegetables and milk.

Control Snacking

Sometimes we are too busy to eat a healthy meal, and we opt for snacks. However, snacking may not be the best way to achieve your height potential. Most of the snacks do not contain the right nutrients. They make you feel full but may not add anything to your body that helps grow tall. Mostly, most of them are just carbohydrates and fats.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Many teenagers may have this misconception that skipping breakfast and other meals during the day may help them keep slim. However, this is not always the case. Skipping breakfast may make it worse as it can lead to overeating or other inappropriate eating habits.

An excellent full breakfast ensures that your body gets all the necessary nutrients and energy to power your body for the rest of the day. It also keeps you feeling full, and chances of eating small unhealthy snacks are minimal. Ideally, you should take at least three meals a day.

Avoid Stunting your Growth

Certain habits will definitely stunt your growth. For example, nicotine, which is responsible for making smokers feel good and energetic, for a short period, may affect the production of the growth hormone. Furthermore, smoking increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the system. This blocks the supply of oxygen to the vital body tissues and cells.

There is no research indicating a connection between caffeine consumption and growth stunting. However, drinking caffeine too late in the day can affect your sleep patterns. The amount of adrenaline that caffeine enhances in your body may keep you awake for a long time and have trouble getting to sleep.

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