The nutritional supplements business is becoming more and more popular as a wider number of Americans and those abroad look to make health and wellness a more concentrated component of their day-to-day lives. As such, there are more customers out there for you to sell to if you’re already in the sector—with just as many competitors popping up to try and get a slice of the pie, too. This makes your marketing strategy even more important as you look to acquire more customers and find reliable and repetitive sources of income.

While you probably already have your own marketing team hard at work getting your name out there, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth considering some different perspectives. After all, even if all of the ideas on this list aren’t the best options for your supplements business (or if you’re already doing some of them), it can be helpful to see other ideas in order to spark your own creativity. If you really want to make an impact in the market, these five ideas for marketing nutritional supplements are a must-read.

Boost your organic traffic by increasing your SEO.

One of the easiest ways to beat out competitors when it comes to any industry is by increasing your search engine presence. If you don’t show up on the first page or two of search results when someone Googles “health supplements,” you’re not going to get as many customers as you would if you were in the first five results. While some companies try and get top placement by paying for ads, it’s just as important to get on the front page of Google organically. This is where SEO or search engine optimization comes in.

Search engine optimization relies on a broad range of factors, some related to your website’s design and others having to do with how many other websites link to yours. There are also other aspects to increasing your SEO, such as increasing domain authority, generating relevant content, and making your website more accessible to mobile users. All of this can be a full-time job in and of itself, so if you don’t have the time to do this as part of your normal workday, consider working with an SEO agency who can give you expert advice.

Find a manufacturer to give your label a makeover.

If your label is a bit blasé, it may be worth it to do a little rebranding. In addition to matching the colors and graphics on your products with their overall effect (think soothing colors and a moon for a supplement like melatonin that promotes better sleep), you may want to highlight unique selling points of your supplements. If it’s all organic, vegan, or cruelty-free, consumers want to know—so put it on your label!

Consider tweaking your packaging.

While you work with a softgel manufacturer to take a look at your label, make sure to think about the form and function of your packaging, too. Tech company Apple has made the unboxing experience of their electronics a key component of any Apple purchase, and you can mimic that sort of excitement with a change in your packaging. For example, since bottles are one of the more common ways your competitors are packaging their supplements, think about how blister packs or single-dose packages could differentiate you from other brands.

Harness social media to generate positive word of mouth.

Social media is an important component of any marketing strategy, but you may not be generating as much word of mouth as you could just by scheduling a few posts a week. If you have commenters who have questions or messages in your social accounts’ inboxes that haven’t been responded to, you’re doing it wrong! Make sure to actively engage with your users and customers online and they’ll be sure to continue sharing your posts and spreading the word about your supplements.

Make sure your branding extends to written copy like emails and display ads.

Many times, people think about branding from a purely visual standpoint. However, branding extends to the way you write about your supplements as well as how you write to your customers. Make sure that you have a style guide for any written communications you might generate, whether that’s social posts, email newsletters, or display ads. This creates a truly cohesive brand experience and can help set you apart from others—just like Wendy’s does whenever it owns another fast-food burger chain online.


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