With its roots in Scotland, Golf is a sport that is gaining in popularity across the globe. Today, there are golf courses all over the world, even where there shouldn’t be any, in the Nevada desert and the United Arab Emirates just to name a couple of places you wouldn’t have expected golf to be an option. No matter where you are playing golf, you should be well prepared – this is a sport where you set out over long distances, and forgetting your essentials can ruin the experience for everyone you are playing with. In this article, we will take you through what these essentials might be, to guarantee an enjoyable collective golf experience.


Balls and tees are your essentials when playing this sport. Always check that you have more than enough to spare because you don’t want to be running out on the course. Your golf balls and your tees are your responsibility, and it is not good golf etiquette to have to resort to borrowing them from other players. This would distract them from their play, and could even be perceived as an attempt to destabilize your opponent. Be prepared, and avoid being a burden to anyone else


When playing golf, you need to be relatively protected from the elements if you want to be able to remain focused and calculated. Whether it’s a raincoat, an umbrella, or both, be prepared. If you’re playing in one of the desert courses, make sure you bring adequate protection from the heat and the rays of the sun – hat, sunscreen, light-colored clothes.


Golf is ancient and motorized transportation is fairly recent. You wouldn’t have ridden a horse across a golf course either – so how did people use to do it? They walked! Can you believe it? One of the most enjoyable pleasures of playing golf is to be able to appreciate the landscape. Pushcarts rather than motorized carts are highly recommended, and you can find guides on how to select the best pushcart for golf online in a jiffy. Everyone will be familiar with the golf cart. It is indeed the most commonly seen and depicted way of getting across a golf course – but is it authentic?

Markers, Pens, and Paper

You’ll want to bring permanent markers along to mark your balls to recognize them. They will be otherwise useful as well, as you might find that you want to keep score manually – so do bring something to write on. You can also use your phone, but the traditional analog way works just fine and costs 0% battery life.

Food and Drink

As with any excursion, which real golf is like, you need to keep your basic bodily needs satisfied. Even more so in this case, as you are not just walking along to appreciate the scenery, you also need to focus. Keeping properly hydrated will keep you sharp, and you mustn’t eat too much either, as that would divert your energy towards your digestive system, and away from your brain, eyes, and hands – which should be getting most of it.

Gold Simulators

Whether it is due to the rain, traffic or another quarantine, you can still play golf inside your home or anywhere you go with a portable golf simulator. Its accurate ball-flight measurement system allows realistic golf practice to keep your game at peak.

A Rulebook

As with any sport, there are official rules when it comes to playing golf. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrew, the oldest golf course in the world, was one of the governing authorities of the sport, though this role was transferred over in 2004 to a newly formed group of companies, known together as The R&A. The rules are quite extensive, and cover all aspects of the game, from player conduct, to how the course should be kept, and what equipment is to be used.

girl playing golf

Because golf is such an old and prestigious sport, many want to play it. It is also seen as a good way to network and develop further professional and business connections. As such, it is essential that anyone who decides to take up the sport at an amateur level at least, should be well prepared and well versed in the ways, rules, and traditions of the game. You really don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of your workmates, or worse, your potential funder or competitors. Beyond a sport or a game, golf has grown into a subtle art and language. Like any language, it has its codes and grammar that need to be understood before we try to use it. But it is these codes that safeguard its perennity.


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