This is a Tequila Gun. It’s like a gun except it’s glass, and instead of bullets it’s filled with some fancy-pants top shelf tequila. It doesn’t actually shoot, it’s just a container. So… not at all like a gun, I guess. You can choose between the 6-Shooter or 9mm Glock styles and the set comes with 2 shot glasses. Why 2? I don’t know. I only need one — I DRINK ALONE! The whole shebang-bang (get it? bang-bang? gun?) will set you back about $46. Or you could be like me (don’t go down that road!) and get a couple of those neon squirt guns from the dollar store, fill it up with some cheap tequila. We could take turns shooting! Go ahead, make my day. Just… just be sure to shoot me directly in the mouth. I’ve had tequila in my eye before and it is NOT pretty. You know what I’m saying? I’m saying there’s absolutely nothing pretty about a grown ass woman crying like a damn baby at the bar because she got a little loco-juice in her eye. Trust me. Someone took pics. And video! It’s on Youtube.

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  1. jfjdjsksndb

    That’s a 1911, not a Glock, just so you know.