I don’t generally use salt or pepper since the things I like to eat (i.e. ice cream, Doritos, spoonfuls of peanut butter) are up to snuff in the sodium and spice departments. But most of the shit I have lying around my place is completely useless/for novelty’s sake anyway. Mind you, I have no buyer’s remorse, even for the Big Mouth Billy Bass I spent fifty bucks on instead of getting an oil change for my car which, completely unrelated, broke down a week later. RIP Sheralynn the Ford Tempo. So what’s the harm in scooping up these adorable Salt & Pepper Paws? They’re sooo cute and I happen to have thirty-five dollars lying around (that my roommate gave me to cover his portion of the electric bill). Obviously these little angel-paws were meant to be mine. Kismet!!

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