Check out this video tutorial by Elise of My Cupcake Addiction. It learns you how to make Rainbow Unicorn Cookies that poop star sprinkles. As my pal over at Foodiggity points out, yes, it’s a little labor intensive. And it’s true. You’ll slave over these suckers for sure. But the end result is unicorn cookies that poop star sprinkles. Totally worth it.

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Via: Foodiggity


  1. wodentoad

    The video TEACHES, the watcher LEARNS. Neither here nor in Communist Russia does a video “learn you.”

  2. Donner&Blitzen

    It was likely an editing error. Cut the world some slack. *smh* Or is your only “learned” talent for snarky commentary directed at those who attempt to make the world a better / “more funner” place?

  3. Shirl Hadley

    I was amused by your comment. I heard it with tongue firmly planted in your cheek.

  4. spookym

    I would use runny chocolate frosting instead of stars.

  5. nicki

    she does this in the vid.