Where once partying into the night at clubs and bars might have been your scene, as you grow older, it’s preferable to spend a night in with your nearest and dearest, using your hard-earned cash to build a night of festivities and laughs away from the noise and confusion of outside nightlife. If you’re feeling like setting up in this stage of life with some classy and memorable dinner parties, and you’ve come to the right article. Below, you’ll learn the basics for setting up memorable dinner parties – now, and for the future.


Invite List


As you’ll know, people often make the party. You may have many single friends, or you may find that you’re mostly friends with couples – but in either way, you want your group to be harmonious and well-intentioned, with merriment and happiness the absolute priority with who you invite. Bear this in mind in order to keep your event as classy as possible.




When hosting a dinner party, the obvious ingredient that you need to get right is the food. Your dinner can make or break the whole evening, and as such it pays to prepare it in advance, or to have someone help you with the preparation. Make a plan of action before the night unfolds, and make absolutely sure that you have the right ingredients in order to blow your guests away with your fabulous cooking.




Now that you can say for sure that your food is going to be a hit, you can start thinking of the classy drinks that you’ll be guzzling for the duration of your evening in. For many people, this means banishing the vodka and bringing in the wine. If you join Wine of the Month Club or follow their posts and recommendations online, you’ll be able to find the best bottles, at the best prices, to treat your guests with when they come to your party.




If you’re ready to take your dinner parties to the next level, you may find that theming your event will bring the best out of people – and bring merriment and joy to the people around the table. Whether you choose to go for a Mexican theme – complete with nachos and mojitos – or an Indian curry night, with Bollywood music in the background, is up to you. Just be sure that everyone plays their part by dressing up and keeping to the theme of the night.


After Dinner


The best dinner parties continue long after the last plate has been wiped clean with a hunk of bread. In order to make yours both memorable and long-lasting, you need to have some plans for after-dinner activities – even if it’s just retiring to your living room to slouch in couches and chat over more wine. It’s here that you’ll be content and happy with the people that you love, making new memories and enjoying one another’s company.


There you have it: your complete guide to hosting a knockout dinner party in 2020 for all your dearest friends.



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