Buzzfeed put together this video that shows you all the foreign foods you’ve been eating wrong your entire life. Watch and learn. Yes, watch, learn, and wait for the feeling of sheer embarrassment to wash over you as your remember every single instance you’ve eaten something the wrong way. Is there really a wrong way to eat? Put it in your mouth, swallow. Chewing is optional. If you wanna slurp your spaghetti, do it. It’s a free country, dammit! And don’t you dare say what a person should or should not put on a G-D taco. DIY taco night is one of life’s greatest pleasures! What next? You’re gonna tell us you’re supposed to eat pizza with a fork and knife? Because over my dead body! Don’t f*** with my pizza, doo! I will go straight up CRAY ZAY on your ass!

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Via: Buzzfeed


  1. bandk

    Just call it something else and eat your food however makes you happy!
    Hey! I also wanted to say, “Thanks for this site.” and “This is one of my favorite feeds.”

  2. Japan

    It is not totally true. I’m currently leaving in Japan and all Japanese people blend wasabi in the sauce and eat sushis with chopsticks most of the time. :)

  3. Brittany High

    Oh geeze! May I add “Thank youuuu, bandk!” and “That made my day!”

  4. obbop

    I eat whatever I can find in the dumpsters behind fast-food joints and grocery stores… as long as it doesn’t stink or have bugs crawling on it.