Boston Pizza, a pizza chain in Canada and NOT in Boston as one would assume, is holding a contest for the next Pizza Game Changer. Last year they brought us the PizzaBurger. This year there’s all kinds of pizza-thangs in the running, most notably the PizzaCake. Oh — oh my. Anyone else cream their jeans? I’m not afraid to say that I did and I’m not even wearing any! Know what I’m saying? I’m saying drawstring sweat pants with the elastic around the ankles for life!

VOTE HERE to make the pizza cake a reality. C’mon! If you vote for the pizza cake, I will put soda machines in all the cafeterias.

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  1. anonymous

    You know. There is a place in ontario, just outside of toronto called mickeys dragon pizza. They already make pizza like that.

  2. Evan C Richards

    I would like to know how they put it together. looks scrumsious.

  3. CHRISTeL::❤'s::YOU!

    this is easier to make when you buy the chef boyardee pizza kits, the bigger you want is the more you buy, but the crust in those kits is to die for- then of course you add you own cheese and fav toppings, Id add sauce on the top but thats just me :)