Cody of Cocktails by Cody has mixed up a collection of cocktails inspired by Disney Princesses plus some Disney villains for good measure. I would drink them all. Like at the same time. That would be… *counting* Quindecuple-fisting. After that I’d probably wander around the city, get in an argument with a parking meter, then pass out in front of the 7-11 around the corner from my apartment because: taquitos. They’re soooo good. Like, pass out drunk on the sidewalk in front of an establishment level of good.















Via: Food Beast


  1. Amanda

    Evil to the core sounds delicious, like it’d be impossible to have just one 😉

  2. Tiffany Clark

    Belle of the Ball

  3. BSmyth

    Evil Step Mother, Weak Ankles, Porcelian Warrior with a Mushu at the end sound like awesome evening to me.

  4. Jessica Murlock

    I need all the recipes! NOW!!!!

  5. Esther Reillo

    i want the receipes too!

  6. jrose

    Drinks look beautiful. Though the Aladdin-inspired cocktails would be more interesting to me if Cody had employed some Mideast-inspired flavors, like he did with the Asian flavors for the Mulan-inspired drinks. A cinnamon or nutmeg-infused cocktail, perhaps. Or one employing arak or another anise liqueur. Or simply taking these two drinks as they are, and employing orange or pomegranate juice instead of pineapple juice.

    I know, everyone’s a critic!

  7. Tina

    Would love the actual recipes for each of these

  8. Allison

    Sleep cycle but would love the recipes to try them properly x

  9. Terr

    Where can we find these recipes??

  10. shortyrlg

    Belle of the Ball, Burly & Brawny & Maleficient

  11. tllmomof5

    Wish the fonts used to list the ingredients were not so close to the background colors on the pics… can’t even read what is in Belle of the Ball at all. Also, like most others who have commented, would like the actual recipes…

  12. Kellic

    OK now someone needs to make a Dreamworks version. The useless reptile, the green giant, the blue blob, The rabid squirrel, etc.

  13. Amanda Wilson

    I love the maleficent!!!

  14. Lacy Casavan- Bridgeford

    sea witch!!!!

  15. Pete

    On the pictures…

  16. Meaghan Farwell

    belle of the ball looks great. where can I get directions for that one?
    o0 u need to do one inspired by alice in wonderland

  17. Lori

    It doesn’t give how much of each mix to put in the drink tho. Where do I find that?

  18. Vicki Northam Maher

    I see Merlin in the last drink ……. Maybe he wanted his own!

  19. emz2015

    it would be nice to see one without vodka in it that looks appealing

  20. Odelle Conlon

    is there any disney mocktails my daughter would love one

  21. Lisa Friskey

    heres another comment…stop posing as 5 different people and click on the link for recipes!