Brewing your own beer can be a mash-up of frustration and bad tastes. But you can change that narrative with these four great tips for brewing your own beer and making a unique taste.

These tips will help you create a beer that tastes great and is almost a piece of cake to prepare. Although there are many excellent contents to learn to brew, tips like this don’t just exist in the books.

1.   Get a Wort Chiller

Bacteria love the high temperature of your wort. However, these bacteria will spoil your beer. Bacteria love to feed on sugar. After you’ve extracted the liquid from your mashing process, it becomes an invitation for bacteria. This item would be a great part of your home brew kit and will come in handy.

Besides the fact that bacteria love sugar, the high temperature is also favorable. Hence it would be best if you got rid of them somehow. To reduce the likelihood of contamination in your beer, it’s best to chill the wort quickly.  Beer Snobs, an online resource for homebrewing, shares that there are alternative methods to cool down your wort. A common approach is by immersing your brewing kettle in an ice bath, but it takes time. Usually, it takes up to 45 minutes. The time could also vary depending on how much ice you use.

However, wort chillers will save you time and stress as you try to eliminate bacteria in your beer making. Chillers can be in different forms. There are coiled and immersion chillers.

2.   Make your yeast starters strong.

With experience, many people realize that they need to pay attention to their yeast starters. The yeast starters propagate yeast to convert sugars to alcohol. Having residue sugar in your beer contaminates it. Hence, using a quality starter to make a complete conversion of your sugars is your best bet to a great-tasting beer.

Regardless of your yeast of choice, bringing a solid start to your fermentation process is key to brewing good beer.

3.   Use Mash bags

Mash tuns work great to keep the temperature constant. But not everyone has the luxury of one. However, it would be wrong to think that not having a mash tun would truncate your beer-making process, far from it. You can improvise with sleeping bags. It’s simple. Wrap your kettle with high-quality sleeping bags for the best results. You would be surprised about how it can hold heat.

4.   Use foils to prevent messy boil-overs

Boiling during your beer-making can be messy if you’re doing it atop of a stove. Although it would be best to prevent the boilovers, it’s best to keep it less messy. You can do this by using foil over your stovetop. Adding foil might mean more preparation time, but it is worth it. It’ll save you more time than cleaning up the mess should you have a boilover.

Contaminations, mediocre methods, and slurpy situations are some of the reasons why you’re not satisfied with your beer making. Also, your beer might not be tasting as good as you hoped. Investing in a good wort chiller is one of the best ways to improve your brewing. The yeast starters will turn all sugar into alcohol, and the foils will keep you from getting frustrated.

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