Organizing a cocktail party is a fun form of entertainment. You organize the best cocktail party at home! Whether summer or winter, cocktails and the cocktail party are very popular. Wine and beer are still undisputed number 1 and 2 at parties, but cocktails provide a pleasant change and are a festive atmosphere maker. Especially when the weather is nice and with good music.

In this blog, therefore, 10 simple tips for an unforgettable cocktail party at your home.

1. Menu

Think carefully about which cocktails you are going to put on the menu. Cocktails require many different ingredients. It is better to prepare a small number of different (3-5) cocktails well, than not to prepare many different cocktails. Think carefully about the necessities and then be creative with them.

  1. Base: drink and fresh ingredients

Basic drinks are vodka, rum, gin, tequila and whiskey. Also make sure you have Triple Sec at home, then you can also make Cosmopolitans and Margaritas. In addition, you certainly also need limes, lemons, angostura bitters and sugar syrup as a base.

You can easily make more than 20 cocktails with these basic ingredients.

  1. Garnish

With garnish you complete your cocktails. Don’t just think of lemon, lime, orange, mint and cocktail cherries, but also, for example, tabasco and Prosecco.

  1. Cocktail glasses

You drink the right cocktail from the right cocktail glass. You serve cocktails in different glasses. Martini glasses, long drink glasses, tumbler glasses. So think carefully about which cocktails you want to offer and which glasses go with it.

Do you want to make sure you have enough glasses? Then make sure you have twice as many glasses at home. Are you counting on 20 guests? Then you must have 40 glasses. Make sure everyone remembers their own glass. We use fun, plastic “glass markers” in different colors that you can stick to the outside of your glass. Very handy!

  1. Multiple Shakers

Make sure you have several shakers at home. Otherwise everyone will be waiting for each other until that one person has made their top creation.

Are you not a natural at shaking cocktails yourself and do you want to learn it? Then a cocktail workshop at home with your best friend might be a great idea!

  1. Straws and stirrers

Straws and stirrers are very useful, but are often forgotten. These are easily available, for example at the Sligro or the Hanos.

Do not use environmentally polluting plastic straws, but paper straws.

  1. Ice cubes

Keep a lot of crushed ice in the house. Don’t have the luxury of a large American fridge with fresh ice cubes? Then make sure you get ice at home and put it in wine coolers. How much ice? With 2 bags of ice of 5 kilos you can go a long way.

  1. Cocktail snacks

Don’t just think about drinks, but also pay attention to good snacks. This can be done simply or in style with finger food. If you opt for simple, tortilla chips, salty peppers or cheese sticks are a nice decoration. If you opt for stylish, think of small snacks such as tapas (cold or warm), small wraps or sushi!

  1. Starter

Get off to a great start! For example with a mini-cocktail as a starter. With an Apple Pie or Tequila Slammer you immediately have a good party starter!

  1. Theme

Themes always work well. For example Limbo, Masquerade, Geisha, Black Tie / Cocktail dress or Hed Kandi! Of course with matching music and dress code!

For inspiration:

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Bonus: water

You don’t drink cocktails like wine or beer. Also serve some water in between.


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