I’m a sucker for any product containing or even claiming to be remotely involved with beer. Once I even bought beer breath mints. Which are not as good as they sound, btw. But that’s not gonna keep me from buying Beer Infused Ice Cream by Brewer’s Cow! They offer a six-pack of three different ice cream flavors: Guinness, Ten Penny Ale, and Samuel Adams version. Wow, there really is a god — I’ve been praying for beer ice cream for years! That and Chocolate Tacos. Which, turns out, already exist. I like to think that my prayers worked retroactively on that one, but that’s also coming from the part of me that’s highly egocentric.

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Via: laughingsquid.com


  1. colin

    mmm.. The guinness ice cream is fairly offensive and innaccurate. The black and tans were a group who murdered irish civilians in the name of the queen.

  2. Rossco

    @ Colin
    erm… WTF? I agree innaccurate but not offensive, a black and Tan is a beer cocktail where you mix guinness with a lagar. Black = Guinness, tan = Lagar. I’m sure they didn’t name the ice cream after that slaughter

  3. Nana

    Where is Brewer’s Cow? Can I order on line?