This is a video of 1,000 people eating ghost chillis at the same time. What happens next is exactly what you would imagine would happen: one thousand people thoroughly regretting their choices, writhing in pain, with tears in their eyes, desperately reaching for a glass of invisible water, and sometimes puking in and around their shoes. The only thing that surprised me was that no one physically tore their own tongue out of their mouth. That’s about it. Still! It’s fun to watch. I mean, provided you enjoy watching people in severe pain. And let’s be honest… who doesn’t?


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  1. Lara

    most pointless post ever

  2. chit

    sigh, i eat chilli every day, but i enjoy it to a meal, not like this shit.

  3. nadav bar kama

    this is totally ridiculous! a very depressing statement on what humanity has become! besides, these people look north European, they should eat salty! they have no evolutionary right to eat spicy!

  4. deano

    Lets move the next ghost chili mass eating to the U.S., maybe St. Aug!!!ustine would be a good place. I know someone who is ready right now for it!!

  5. DetroitBerthha

    at 1,000,000 Scovlle Units ?? ~~i think not!