New Year’s Eve parties are meant to be fun for everyone. You’re saying farewell to a long year (and, in the case of 2021, a challenging year), so you want to be able to unwind.

However, if you’re the host of this year’s gathering, you might find little time to relax and enjoy the company. Traditionally, hosts fly around the party, refilling drinks, checking and re-checking the oven to see if the food’s done, and coordinating party games. And all that comes after you’ve spent the day cleaning and decorating.

It’s tiring – but it doesn’t have to be. Leave space for your own enjoyment this year with these few simple tips for a fuss-free NYE bash.

Order Fee-Less Delivery for a Delicious Spread

The single most time-consuming preparation for any party, especially those around the holidays, is the food. Chopping, mincing, pre-heating, basting, probing, whipping, sauteing, simmering and serving –it can seriously drain your energy and time.

There’s a simple solution here: Just don’t do it. Find a delivery service that offers fresh, fast delivery from delicious kitchens and hand over responsibility to the pros. Not only will you free up time for your own enjoyment, but – as hard as it is to admit – you’ll probably get better food too!

Look up local delivery services that offer fee-less delivery, that way, you can order from several kitchens without incurring repeat delivery fees. If you’re in Miami, just look up “Miami food delivery near me that offers free delivery” and let your hunger do the choosing.

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Pre-Mix Cocktails that Have Wow Factor

Cocktails are a staple element of a New Year’s Eve party, but they’re time-consuming and messy. By the time you finish making one, someone else needs another. When you aren’t swinging around a cocktail shaker, you’re wiping sticky simple syrup off the counter. It’s too much responsibility for a host to assume.

Instead, pre-mix cocktails in large pitchers and fit them in the fridge (which won’t be overrun with food because you’re ordering delivery!). Just take your favourite crowd-pleasing cocktail and scale the recipe according to your guest list (budgeting three cocktails per person, alongside wine and beer, seems fair). This Serious Eats article offers a helpful primer for batch-preparing cocktails.

Speaking of wine and beer, forget being a server – instead, set up an ice bath and glassware station where guests can help themselves.

Repurpose Holiday Decorations

Don’t shelve that pinecone wreath, those string lights, and centrepieces just yet. Instead, repurpose your holiday decorations for the NYE party.

Most holiday decorations (barring the explicitly Christmas-themed ornaments) work perfectly for any winter season party. You’ll save time and money cutting out a trip to the party supply store.

Come Locked and Loaded with a Choice of Games

It takes time and effort to steer people’s attention at a party. Rather than spend your evening corralling guests around a single game (which they might not want to play), reserve a few options. This Spruce article lists several adult party games geared explicitly toward New Year’s Eve. Write the game rules in advance on a corkboard or party handout, then let the guests choose what they want to play.

This December 31st, give yourself the late holiday gift of a relaxing NYE party. Order fast and fresh delivery, pre-mix winning cocktails, be resourceful with decorations and cede the game decisions to your guests.


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