Thanksgiving is a weird holiday. When we’re little we’re told it has to do with the pilgrims and Indians becoming BFFs and sharing noms. Then at some point we learn how that’s a terrible terrible lie. Then we learn something about how it started during the Civil War maybe? I’m not sure. As an American, Thanksgiving means eating until I’m sick while trying to act thankful for all of the people who drive me crazy the rest of the year. But to people who’ve never experienced this day of gluttony and lies on their own, it may be hard to wrap your head around. BuzzFeed asked some British people what they thought the holiday was all about, asking questions like “What do people eat on Thanksgiving?” and “What do they do all day?” They got great answers like “They put jelly beans in jelly with the mashed potatoes.” and “The parades are like company parades aren’t they? So there’s like a McDonalds one probably.” Eh, close enough.

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  1. diaryofadocumentaryfilmmaker

    Glutton, Greed and Murder right?

  2. thecriticalmind

    The British also celebrate Thanksgiving – by telling each other “Thank God they left”.

  3. Dan Muir

    Educated British people know what Thanksgiving is. Ask an American about St.George’s Day celebr…oh, wait. We’re not allowed to celebrate that day.

  4. capt niven

    “The pilgrims were starving and dying from sickness and could not farm on the land. Thanksgiving is about how the Native Americans saw these starving about to be extinct people and went and helped them. They showed them how to farm and hunt in there land. How to use plants to cure illness. The native Americans pretty much saved them. As for the dinner all it was the pilgrims(now students) showing the Native Americans ( the teacher) what they learned. This was all good and they should thank them for all they learned. But what happened. They took that knowledge and used it to settle more of the land and more and more until they killed off most of the native Americans. Thanksgiving is about a story of a teacher giving a student a test. The student aces the test and says thank you for what you taught me. And then the next day the kid comes to school and shoots up the whole school. That’s thanksgiving.”

  5. swishmeister

    Do people slay dragons on that day? 😉

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